Chromeo, Remixed. Aeroplane, Remixer.

Aeroplane has a late July mix out that you can download on Soundcloud, by clicking here.

On it is Aeroplane’s more-than-weekend-worthy remix of Chromeo’s “Don’t Turn the Lights On,” which I’ve posted below for your pre-party dancin’ enjoyment.

Chromeo: “Don’t Turn the Lights On” (Aeroplane Remix)

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5 Responses to Chromeo, Remixed. Aeroplane, Remixer.

  1. David G says:

    Talking to a coworker today about our mutual disbelief that Arcade Fire was headlining two shows at Madison Square Garden, we started wondering what their first Philly show was. I bet bottom dollar it was at the basement of the First Unitarian, which was true. What I didn’t expect is that they’d be third on the bill supporting, you got it, Chromeo. April 11, 2004 doesn’t sound that long ago, does it?

    [Via Idolator]

    • Material Lives says:

      Surprised by all of the above, except the First Unitarian! You all are spoiled out there. Not necessarily because of Arcade Fire, but the FUC in general.

      • David G says:

        Completing the circle, my friend Mel who was at the First Unitarian Local Natives show with us tonight, was at the Arcade Fire/Chromeo show. One of those rare instances of an opening act blowing it out. Local Natives? I wasn’t enthused, but they were. No one was enthused by We Barbarians. Not the next Arcade Fire, by a long shot.

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  3. Billie says:

    Chromeo performed this a Lolla and it was amazing. I also saw Aeroplane in Miami in July and they rocked Vagabond. Two great minds!

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