It's that kind of (chillwave) morning: Our Husband

Australia's Our Husband

Sorry, Earf. Didn’t I already mention that I wasn’t really into this whole “Monday” thing? Time to beat you back with some chillwave.

Usually, I dread firing up the ol’ Noise Narcs inbox. It is amazing how many bands A) think we want to hear their remixes of Radiohead or their covers of my vote for most intolerable song of the year (“Bloodbuzz, Ohio”) and B) seem to think we are a real blog.

But Adelaide, Australia’s Our Husband gave me a Monday treat this morning. Finding the groove that Beach House and Sun Airway needle about in, they put down layered music that crawls its way to muted crescendos. “Villages” is their first single of a yet-to-be-completed album.

Our Husband, “Villages”

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