Hot Tub Rock Show: Top 5 in Their Prime

Ever since I found out Pavement was reuniting for a tour and I realized I’d never again rue missing them live, I’ve had a favorite bar question: name the top five acts you’d waste a time machine trip on seeing in their prime. It gets a passionate response, if only because there are so many ways to qualify what counts as a bad answer. “The Beatles?!? You gotta be kidding me: screaming girls in giant stadiums.” “Nina Simone? You’re gonna take a chance on one of her notorious flipouts?” “ZZ Top? Okay. That’s a great answer.”

So in honor of bar questions everywhere, in the upcoming weeks starting August 30th, with some help with some friends we’ll be releasing our desert island Hot Tub Rock Show* picks for live shows. And since I’ll be seeing them in September, you can bet I won’t waste one of my slots on Pavement. And, I’m gonna bet that, despite her recent lack of Nina Simone-level flipouts, no one will choose Cat Power either.

Pavement, “Stop Breathing (Live, Hollywood, CA 4/24/1994)” [via Cause=Time] [Buy]

Cat Power, “Lived in Bars (Live, Berlin, 6/11/2006)” [via Captain’s Dead] [Buy]

* No relation to the movie. Especially that laugh-free second half.

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2 Responses to Hot Tub Rock Show: Top 5 in Their Prime

  1. Neil Cake says:

    Am I the first?

    I did actually see Pavement the 1st time round, but unfortunately didn’t enjoy it much cos I had a whitey and was sick at the back – hey-ho.

    Off the top of my head I’d very much’ve liked to’ve seen:

    Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band

    I’d like to think of more, but I’ll be late for my lunch date…

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