Umm…Sort of.

I realize it is Hot Tub Time Machine week, but this story couldn’t wait.

One day last year I noticed that one of the students I teach was wearing a The Dead Milkmen t-shirt in class. If my memory serves me correctly it was this shirt: Dead Milkmen

He is a very cool, intelligent, and curious kid. I still found it a little odd for an 11-year old to be wearing a t-shirt from a Philadelphia punk rock band. I asked him, “Do you like The Dead Milkmen?”

His response was, “Umm…Sort of.” And that was pretty much the end of that conversation. We went on with the lesson and I pretty much forgot about the shirt.

Today while checking out the lineup for the Northern Liberties Music Festival, which is this Saturday starting at 5 pm, I figured out that what was hidden in his classic, deadpan “Umm…sort of” was the fact that his father was in the band!

Here is the video for The Dead Milkmen’s biggest commercial hit from 1988, “Punk Rock Girl.” It’s more than “sort of” good.

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2 Responses to Umm…Sort of.

  1. David G says:

    That’s amazing. As are the Dead Milkmen.

  2. I love this story. And the fact that the kids obviously meant the “um . . . sort of” enough that he didn’t know he should brag about who his father is.

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