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My favorite album from last week, good experimental electronica to write to from Gold Panda’s mixmaster Derwin:

Gold Panda

Gold Panda: “You” [Buy]

The experimental:

New York outfit Mice Parade plays around with various genres on their well-titled album What It Means to Be Left-Handed, an interesting, although perhaps not start-to-finish compelling, release. The first track plays with African instrumentation and somewhere near the middle, they cover the Lemonheads’ Mallo Cup, what ends up being the most accessible song on the album, although a disappointingly straightforward cover.

Mice Parade: “In-Between Times” [Buy]

The hyped:

Kings of Leon: “Radioactive” from their upcoming (October) full release

The jury’s out on:

There’s nothing offensive or particularly intriguing about Junip’s release release Fields. Junip is Jose Gonzalez, whose music I like very much, plus two others whose contributions to the album are kind of hard to note, and that’s why my early reaction to the album is not terribly positive. Junip is basically Gonzalez with a little pip. What I love about an artist such as Erlend Oye is that in each of his side projects (such as Kings of Convenience), I recognize his voice, but the different sound compels me to ask, “is this Erlend Oye?” Not the case here. Although this track probably has the most aural interest:

Junip: “Sweet & Bitter” [Buy]

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2 Responses to New Stuff

  1. David G says:

    I really dig “You,” though I haven’t listened to any of the albums, and I didn’t really love the Pitchfork listed “Same Dream China.” Really reminds me of some of the stuff that Four Tet used to lay down consistently or a more focused Max Tundra. Is the rest of the album as strong as “You”?

    I’m not really feeling the Field Music, although I love both the album title and art. And my feelings on Kings of Leon have gone from warm to a spiraling dislike every since I saw them play live at the (twice today mentioned) All Points West festival: total douche rock. I was so bored by their set that I went to get a funnel cake, and while I was gone apparently Tim Robbins and his ghost ex-wife apparently stood right next to where I was. So I double-hate them.

    They’re now on my “change radio station” list.

    I haven’t heard much of Jose Gonzles (I have one EP, I think). I dig this, and I really dug “Rope and Summit.” Sad to hear the rest of the album isn’t as solid.

    All and all: nice run-through.

  2. I like it when you fill in the things I’m too out of time (/lazy) to do. Yes, the Gold Panda is pretty strong throughout, though you know I categorize music by activity, and music to write to is one of my more important categories. Would like to hear a dance floor remix.

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