Eddie Fisher, 8/10/1928 – 9/22/2010

Eddie Fisher, native Philadelphian, graduate of South Philadelphia High, scandalous ex-husband of Elizabeth Taylor, and most of all golden-throated ’50s crooner died on Wednesday.

In June, Noise Narc’s Material Lives posted about her father, a Philadelphian himself, and their musical taste: “I’ve also developed a taste for most of his favorite things: 50s cinema, black licorice, food, dancing, and 50s music (although I prefer Dean Martin, Peggy Lee, and Elvis, and while he likes them a lot, he prefers Eddie Fisher, Joni James, Tony Bennett, and Sinatra).”

Given that the only sacred remnant of the newspaper in this digital age is the obituary (barely), Fisher’s “Get Your Paper (The Newspaper Song)” seems to hit the right, sad, passing note.

Eddie Fisher, “Get Your Paper (The Newspaper Song)” [Buy Greatest Hits]

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