Generating Excitement

It’s a writing day, and what better than a N.E.R.D. leak from their upcoming album Nothing (available Nov. 2) to put me in the writing mood. Here’s “Nothing on You.”

And as for music I’ve been listening to while writing, I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Library Tapes, a Swedish post-rock/ambient outfit whose music is frustratingly not all easily available through Amazon. Fittingly, I learned of Library Tapes through a friend whom I was interviewing for my dissertation, which involves the writing process. does have a few albums available for streaming, and the band seems to have a new release slated for 2010. Hopefully, they’re not writing at the same pace I am. And since I couldn’t post the song I wanted to post, I’ve linked to a vid below, for “Skiss Av Trad.”

N.E.R.D.: “Nothing on You”

Library Tapes: “Cold Leaves For The Violent Ground”

You can pre-order N.E.R.D.’s album Nothing here.

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