This Is Philadelphia

If the number of posts I’ve written about Philly’s Sun Airway makes me seem like a bit of fuanboy, so be it. Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier drops this week and it’s available on MOG (free 14 day trial) right now. Back in March, I called it my most anticipated Philly release of 2010, and it’s been worth the wait: a stunning debut. Let’s say for comparison’s sake that Radiohead’s millennial music evoked the coldness of the technological age, then Sun Airway’s music is the age’s warm, swaddling embrace.

And this video for “Put the Days Away,” perfectly captures the beauty of a homecoming bike ride in Philly’s dark streets. Somehow makes me miss Philly, even though I’m in Philly as I type. It’s that kind of video: negative capability-inducing. Also: pretty girl on a bike.

Sun Airway, “Put the Days Away” [Buy]

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