Bradford Cox loves you and wants you to have a nice Thanksgiving

Bedroom Databank, Volumes One and Two

How else can you explain Cox releasing two albums worth of unreleased material from his Atlas Sound project for free on his website? Sure, not all of it is wholly brilliant (and none of it is as great as Deerhunter’s Halcyon Digest), but it’s still pretty damn good. And involves a surprising amount of harmonica. But not, coincidentally, on his cover of Bob Dylan/The Band’s “This Wheel’s on Fire.”

Let us not forget that since 2008, Cox has released two proper Deerhunter albums, two Deerhunter EPs, two Atlas Sound albums, two Atlas Sound EPs, and several albums worth of free bonus material on his website, all the while touring extensively, both as Atlas Sound and Deerhunter. Why? Because he loves you. And wants you to have a happy Thanksgiving. Duh.

PS When Deerhunter played in Philly in October, Cox wore a 1993 Blue Jays World Series Champions t-shirt. Nothing pleased a Mets fan like me more than watching all those Philadelphians cheer against their will for the team that crushed their collective adolescent hopes. Go, Joe Carter, go!

Atlas Sound, “This Wheel’s on Fire” [Download Bedroom Databank, Vol 1.]
Atlas Sound, “Wintergreen Sketch” [Download Bedroom Databank, Vol 2.]
Atlas Sound, “Town Center” [Download Bedroom Databank, Vol 2.]

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