Deadly Folk

Solway Firth, the imagined home of The Skeleton Dead

Here’s a note to all publicists who send submissions to Noise Narcs: do exactly what The Skeleton Dead did. Get the reference our (dreadfully Photoshopped) logo makes to the classic arcade game NARCS and then blow us away with unexpectedly great tunes.

The Skeleton Dead are a duo from London, although their heart lies “somewhere along the coast of the Solway Firth deep in the industrial north west of England.” Which, given my expert knowledge of British geography, puts them in the same cheery territory as Channel Four’s The Red Riding trilogy [Ed: wrong coast, idiot.] Despite their black metal name, Knol and Claire’s sound is a heavy folk dash of Leonard Cohen and Smog, with a pinch of the stark vocal duets of Low and the icy prettiness of Broadcast. Knol handles primary vocal duties, and he has a voice that lingers, gravely and tender, with just a touch of the strut of Jarvis Cocker. A voice that I wouldn’t mind getting lost in for an album. Or four.

Their Soundcloud has two additional songs on par with these two. Ignore the below tags, file this under “bands to keep a serious eye on” and “music to listen when facing a dying fire while drinking bitter.”

Are You Going to Over React? by The Skeleton Dead

Gather Up Your Clothes by The Skeleton Dead

Update: Reposted as Soundcloud embeds due to some technical issues.

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6 Responses to Deadly Folk

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  2. Christopher T says:

    Great stuff. There’s something about the contrast between the music and lyrics of the first track that I really like: the tones of each seem just a little out of whack but then the image of those magazines rotting in the second half brings them together.

    • David G says:

      It’s a song that grows into its sense of menace. I love the interplay of their two voices.

      I didn’t single out Claire’s voice, but I love it too: a more sprightly Nico, maybe? Also unmentioned was the guitar work, which I’m into.

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