Game On

For a lot of colleges and universities, the fall semester is coming to a close.  Student term papers are almost due, and for their professors, the real work of winter writing projects begins on the other side of just one more grading marathon.

You’ve done the research and collected the data.  The terms are defined, and the points are in order.  The office is uncluttered, the desktop cleared, and the coffee’s brewed and poured.  Now close the door and don the headphones because at last it’s just you, the blinking cursor, and some sweet music to write to.

Daft Punk, “End of Line” [Buy the soundtrack to Tron Legacy]

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One Response to Game On

  1. David G says:

    The critical reaction to this has been funny. So much buzz for a soundtrack. Sure, it’s not great. But it’s good, and relatively listenable as a standalone: it’s just a soundtrack.

    Anyway, the real news on soundtracks this week should be that Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood has another soundtrack coming out, Norwegian Wood, based on the Murakami novel. His past two, Bodyworlds and There Will Be Blood were utterly fantastic, both in-movie and -stereo.

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