Noise Narcs’ 35 (and 9999th) Most Anticipated Albums of 2011

Now that we’ve turned our back on 2010 (besides a Philly best of list coming later this week), it’s time to turn our heads to the Big One One. [Also: see our Best of 2010]

There’s a lot of albums to be excited about in 2011, including some we’ve inevitably forgot, and some not announced yet.

Rank Artist Album Release Date Comment
01 Radiohead TBA How sure is a Radiohead album in 2011? Not very. How long will the mere possibility of a Radiohead album be the most anticipated release of any given year? Very long.
02 Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues 5/3/2011 Hard to believe that their self-titled came out in 2008. Every second has held up.
03 Panda Bear Tomboy I’m not entirely sure of the new more dubby direction, but where Noah goes, I’ll follow.
04 Jens Lekman TBA Very few albums have steadily gained as much headspace as 2007’s Night Falls Over Kortedala. No matter what day Jens’ album is released, it’s a good bet that I’ll be listening it to on repeat all day. Sincerely, David G.
05 Kanye West & Jay-Z Watch the Throne This album won’t live up to the hype. That said, Kanye now indicates it’ll come out next week, so at least we don’t have long to wait.
06 The Strokes TBA Oh lord. Is it possible to pretend that they can ever rediscover the magic of Is This It? Is it possible to pretend that I’m not hoping they do?
07 Cut Copy Zonoscope 2/8/2011 I’ll listen to this while running. A lot.
08 The Avalanches TBA File under: I’ll believe it when I see it.
09 Beck TBA Scientologists predict that this will be another excellent, unheralded album.
10 Kurt Vile Smoke Rings for My Halo 3/8/2011 Which Philly album is more hotly desired, Kurt Vile’s or Man Man’s? With Kurt’s new single “In My Time” demonstrating a more approachable sound, it has to be his. Until we hear music from Man Man’s at least.
11 Man Man TBA I can’t wait for the circus.
12 The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Belong March 2011 With advance singles pointing to a slight evolution of their sound, this truly could be one of the better albums of 2011.
13 Aphex Twin TBA File this under “believe it when I see it.”
14 Little Dragon TBA May/June Still in ever-deepening awe of the 2009 release. – Material Lives
15 Bon Iver TBA I never had the love affair that many did with their debut. But the magic on Kanye’s album? My attention is there.
16 White Fence 1/18/2011 2010’s White Fenceā€¦ Is Growing Faith was one of the year’s most overlooked albums. 1960s psychpop at its most exciting.
17 Iron & Wine Kiss Each Other Clean 1/25/2011 Iron and Wine has stolen Low’s spot. While Low stumbled when they moved away from slowcore, Iron and Wine’s more expansive sound (See “Walking Far From Home”) is a well-fitting glove.
18 Low C’mon Very few albums haunt me like Low’s first five albums. Since then…. not so much. I’m ready to be haunted.
19 Peter, Bjorn And John Gimme Some 3/29/2011 Let’s all forget Living Thing
20 Hercules & Love Affair Blue Songs 1/31/2011 I’ll also listen to this at the gym.
21 PJ Harvey Let England Shake 2/15/2011 Hard to imagine that a PJ Harvey album wouldn’t make the top ten, but after the last two albums of… what were they again?
22 Britney Spears TBA Lady Who?
23 Jay Electronica Act II Hard to believe that our first post, almost a year ago, was about Jay. Where is this album?
24 The Rural Alberta Advantage Departing 3/1/2011 Creator of my 9th favorite album of the year… But that advance single does nothing for me.
25 Lupe Fiasco Lasers 3/8/2011 Advance single was great.
26 Andre 3000 TBA Is this really going to happen?
27 Destroyer Kaputt 1/25/2011 This album will have four good songs.
28 Santigold TBA Does anybody survive two years of Bud Light Lime?
29 Favourtite Sons The Great Deal Of Love The title track is amazing.
30 Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee, Vol. 2 I guess.
31 Islands TBA
32 Fujiya & Miyagi Ventriloquizzing 1/25/2011 This album will have three good songs.
33 The Streets Computers and Blues Were any of The Streets albums nearly as good as we thought they were?
34 John Vanderslice White Wilderness He had one of 2009’s more notable releases. A reliable hand.
35 The Decemberists The King Is Dead 1/18/2011 People seem to love this band with a passion that continues to baffle me. Will 2011 reverse my bafflement?
9999 Dr. Dre Detox Forget about Dre.

And a sampling of what’s to be excited about:

Fleet Foxes, “Blue Spotted Tail”
Panda Bear, “Tomboy”
Jens Lekman, “The End of the World Is Bigger than Love”
Cut Copy, “Where I’m Going”

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9 Responses to Noise Narcs’ 35 (and 9999th) Most Anticipated Albums of 2011

  1. Miya T says:

    I guess I should have stuck my FB comment here: “You can stream the entire Decembrists album here:

    No, it will not reverse your bafflement.”

    • David G says:

      Ha. I listened to the four four minutes or so yesterday. Those NPR streams have such crappy quality, that I try not to judge based on them, but let’s just say my head wasn’t turned. That said, Colin Meloy’s cover of Sam Cooke’s “Cupid” is one of my favorite versions of the song.

  2. Matt K says:

    Cool preview, despite the pathetic, gratuitous shot at BORN THIS WAY, which is sure to be one of the Noise Narcs Top Ten albums of 2011. You also neglect Akon and the Cold War Kids, but that’s less galling.

    Fleet Foxes have totally held up, and will continue to hold up, as will Bon Iver. And I didn’t know you’ve been pining for The Strokes, circa 2001, for a full decade. You’re a 30-year old man now, David. (Yes I loved that album too).

    • David G says:

      I’m not familiar with this “BORN THIS WAY.” Is it some sort of Aerosmith/Bruce Springsteen mashup?

      I did not neglect Akon or Cold War Kids.

      As per the Strokes, I see some (delusional) reasons for hope: although Julian Casablancas solo album mostly sucked, there were several very good songs. And his song on Dark Night of the Soul was killer. And drummer Fabrizio Moretti’s involvement with Little Joy was pure goodness. But…

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