You’re doing it wrong!

While watching this adorable video, I noticed Jorge Narvaez plays his right-handed guitar left-handedly but also with the strings backwards (treble strings up top, bass strings on the bottom).  Most of the famous left-handers I know of who played right-handed guitars (Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain) flipped their guitars around and then restrung them as a true left-handed instrument with the bass strings on top so that the shapes of chords would not have to be inverted.

I guess the obvious advantage of Jorge’s style is that he can pick up any right-handed guitar and play it without having to restring it.

The only other person I’d seen play that way before was Rick Moranis, believe it or not, in this hilarious SCTV skit, in which he, Eugene Levy, and John Candy cover Chilliwack’s “My Girl” as the punningly-named pre-teen band, “The Recess Monkeys” as part of a public-access fundraising drive.

So my curiosity about the backward-stringers was piqued, and as usual, Wikipedia is up to the challenge.

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5 Responses to You’re doing it wrong!

  1. David G says:

    A) You’re fired for not mentioning the whistling in this song. Noise Narcs promise.
    B) This is one of my favorite things posted to Noise Narcs all time. 2011: Year of the Narc. The way she has her hand on his shoulder the entire time, the way she tries to fake whistle when he’s whistling, the way she asks if she can whistle someday.,. I love this. You’re rehired.

  2. Pat says:

    I never knew people played the guitar like that. That’s pretty cool.

  3. Billy L says:

    Dick Dale plays like this too!

    • Billy L says:

      Oh, I guess this fact is obvious once you click your Wikipedia link…

      • Christopher T says:

        Heh, yeah. Sweet video though! The guitar he plays in it is actually a true left-handed guitar custom built to have the strings backwards since that’s the way he learned. Probably a lot easier to use the whammy bar that way, as Dale is often wont to do.

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