The first time the F word was said on Jeopardy!*

Scene: The muted fluorescence of Merv Griffin’s retrofuturistic Jeopardy! set. A bearded wannabe-hipster named David stands in palms-sweaty anticipation in front of his podium, giddy with luck. It’s been his day, with categories such as “Mets Baseball Players 1987-2010,” “Philadelphia Music Acts 2006-2011,” “Yesterday’s NYT.Com Headlines,” and “Movies That Most Reasonable People Like But I Think Suck.” There’s only square left in play.

David: I’ll take “The Right Music for the Moment” for $1200, Alex.

Dooodododo rings from the speakers

Alex: That’s our final daily double. David, you have a insurmountable lead over your librarian and research assistant competitors who know important things, are not from Philadelphia, and do not love the New York Mets.

David: I got this, Alex. I’m betting it all.

Alex: [An appreciative whistle.] Oh-kay. For a total of $64,400. …. The category again is “Right Music for the Moment” and the answer is… “The best musician to play on a jukebox on a gente snowy day as you eat brunch at a bar.”

David: [A relieved, confident sigh.] Who is Townes Van Zandt?

Alex Oh… I’m sorry. We were looking for Coldplay. Coldplay.

David Fuck you, Alex.

* not by Sean Connery

Townes Van Zandt, “Be Here to Love Me” [Buy]

Townes van Zandt. “Talking Karate Blues” [Buy]

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  1. Christopher T says:

    Nice, Dave. About time this blog’s featured some TVZ. The self-titled album (1970) has been on pretty regular rotation for me all this year.

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