No Escaping Lil Wayne

This isn’t And usually I have no time for remix, much less mashup, culture. But SP-33’s (aka Ezra Funkhouser) reworking of Lil Wayne and John Carpenter’s score for Escape from New York is oddly compelling. Sort of like 800% slowed-down Bieber without the novelty act. Carpenter’s menacing, murky, molasses palette is the perfect foil for Weezy’s ping pong brilliance. A much better mix than, say, the unfortunate raprock placenta that was Re-Birth.

SP-33, “Cooking Eggs”
SP-33, “Asthma Hoes”

Download the entire Escape from tha Carter at

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5 Responses to No Escaping Lil Wayne

  1. saddet says:

    this kid sp-33 is a fucking monster, he’s gonna eat your kids…watch the fuck out!

  2. Sp-33 says:

    But for real… saddet is right.

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