We’re back… and so are Wild Beasts

So you know that posting from the road thing that was supposed to happen? Well, it didn’t. I’d apologize, but really: blame California and their beautiful weather. But anyway, we’re back. Expect lots of West Coast-related posts in the super-near future.

Also back? Wild Beasts, whose Two Dancer was my favorite album of 2009. They’ll be releasing Smother on May 11th via Domino. And they’ve dropped the first single, “Albatross.” How dope is that “Umbrella”-esque stutter moment at 2:20? A very exciting development, and about the 10th announcement this year that makes our list of our most anticipated albums of 2011 completely worthless.

Wild Beasts – Albatross by DominoRecordCo

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2 Responses to We’re back… and so are Wild Beasts

  1. Matt K says:

    Wow – strong stuff. The stuttering is great, and that dreamy dark fairy tale atmosphere hasn’t gone anywhere, either. I didn’t fall for the Beasts quite as hard as you did two years ago, but this is very promising.

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