A Polaroid of the Blogger as a Younger Man

In “The One Where They All Turn Thirty,” Rachel is upset because she thought she’d have found “The One” by that age, and she doesn’t yet realize that it’s always been Ross.

If you know what I’m talking about, then you’re probably as old as Dave, who turns thirty today.

I’ve known Dave since the summer of 1999, when Penn State, having assigned us to be roommates, exchanged our phone numbers so that we could plan who would bring the stereo and who would bring the tv, etc.  IIRC, Dave directed that first conversation towards the subject of musical taste.  Here is my reconstruction of it:

D: Hello?
C: Hi, I’m Chris.  So we’re going to be roommates?
D: Guess so.  What kind of music do you like?
C: All kinds I guess.  I play a little guitar.  I sort of like that band Tool.
D: [silence]
C: Hello?  Are you still there.
D: Yeah, sorry.  I was just thinking of something awful.  Do you like Radiohead?
C: Uh…yeah, sure.
D: Have you ever heard of DJ Shadow?
C: Who?
D: DJ Shadow
C: No, I never heard of him.
D: That’s not surprising.

That year I listened to a lot of new-to-me music thanks to Dave, and in honor of that, I put together a little playlist of a few of those tracks.  Perhaps they will offer Noise Narc’s readers a slight insight into the mind of Dave G.  Feel free to reminisce if you’re old enough.

Space, “Begin Again” [Buy Tin Planet]

Morphine, “Potion” [Buy Like Swimming]

Jeff Buckley, “The Sky Is A Landfill” [Buy Sketches (For My Sweetheart the Drunk)]

Bach, “Harpsichord Concerto No.10 in C Major BWV 1061, II” [Buy Bach: Concertos]

Kula Shaker, “Mystical Machine Gun” [Buy Peasants, Pigs, and Astronauts]

On the bright side, Dave, while you’re now older than all of the technology featured in this video, the kids actually do a pretty good job of identifying what it had once been useful for:

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6 Responses to A Polaroid of the Blogger as a Younger Man

  1. David G says:

    Man, the kids today, with their internets and indie rock, are so much cooler than we were.

    My favorite answer is “marbles game”for the mouse and “that’s an old CD” for the vinyl. Also, that music rocks. There’s a similarly-awesome article from a few years back where a kid uses his dad’s Walkman. It took him three days to figure out tapes had a second side. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/8117619.stm.

    • Christopher T says:

      Heh. Tape cassettes are tricky like that. I like the kid who recognizes that the turntable is for scratching.

  2. adina says:

    this post is hilarious, chris. but i am sad that there is no mention of your “system of a down” poster. i’m not making that up, right? in my memories, it is oh-so-real.

    • Christopher T says:

      Haha! Ouch. I guess I’d repressed that, but you’re right. I picked it out of the free posters bin at Mike’s (the video rental place) I think. Between that and the 10 Indian Commandments, it’s a wonder Dave didn’t file for a transfer.

  3. A belated comment (but Dave is still 30, so it counts!) to say I so wish I had somehow been on that 1999 phone call. Brilliant reconstruction, Chris. (I assume.)

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