I could not be more excited about the Fleet Foxes

That’s it. The leaked tracks (despite the blah lyrics of “Helplessness Blues”) are amazing. So, yup: I’m excited. About the album, dropping 5/3 on SubPop. About their show at Philly’s gorgeous Tower Theater on 5/21 [Tickets]. About the many hours I’ll spend this year listening to them, basking in melancholy.

Fleet Foxes, “Montezuma”

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2 Responses to I could not be more excited about the Fleet Foxes

  1. Matt S says:

    A little bird (AKA my friend who works there) told me that NPR will be streaming the Fleet Foxes album on First Listen starting April 25th. The Antlers album will also be on First Listen, starting either the 25th or May 2nd. Even though you don’t listen to that because the sound quality isn’t great (sounds fine to me…), I figured I’d pass that along.

    • David G says:

      You should tell your friend that his streams sound like poop. Can you imagine having poop in your ear? That would sound terrible, but also it would be very gross.

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