Show Spotlight: Low TONIGHT (4/25) at the First Unitarian Church Sanctuary

Five reasons to go see Low tonight at the First Unitarian Sanctuary:

1) Although not a return to “form,” Low’s new album C’mon is a return to excellence. Although they’ve moved on from the utter bareness of their early albums, the progression into their new, lusher sound has reached jawdropping maturity.

2) Tonight’s rain is actually a reason to go: temperatures and humidity will drop enough to not make the First Unitarian into a sweatbox.

3) The First Unitarian Church Sanctuary. The best place to see music for cheap in the city by seven country miles. Especially when #2 is in effect.

4) The timbre of Alan Sparhawk’s voice.

5) The unearthly warmth of Mimi Parker’s.

Low – Especially Me by subpop

Low w/ A Stick and a Stone
Monday, April 25, 2011 8:00PM
First Unitarian Church Sanctuary, 2125 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia
Tickets [$15]

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