Filing the Bar-Kays’ “A Hard Day’s Night”

File under, music I want to follow me from bar to bar on a long, bingeful night: Bar-Kays, “A Hard Day’s Night” (1968). Also file under: Friday Night. Also see: the entirety of the wonderful Stax-Volt: The Complete Singles 1959-1968.

The Bar-Kays, “A Hard Day’s Night”

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2 Responses to Filing the Bar-Kays’ “A Hard Day’s Night”

  1. Mel says:

    First comment ever. Why? Because I am obsessed with Stax, as you know. Stax!! Yes!! This must mean you finally know who Mavis Staples is, I take it? A glorious day in a music blogger’s life. Or so I can only assume. Oh man, let’s talk.

    • David G says:

      I knew this? I don’t think I knew this. Yes, Stax is amazing! I mean, when you start with Booker T as your house band, how could greatness do anything but follow?

      And when did I not know who Mavis Stapes? I’m confused. I hope this is like the time six years ago when I told Kandace after a night on the town that I hadn’t seen Ghostbusters. I have seen Ghostbusters.

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