For real now, my last post: Saying Yes to Blood Feathers

Even though the blog has been still for many a month now, my love-life hasn’t. After a Russian doll-worthy series of lies, I conned my then-girlfriend into arriving at the PEP Boys parking lot at Broad and Federal in Philadelphia. That is, directly outside the stately row home we met six years ago as roommates. Where the Blood Feathers happened to be playing their beyond-lovely “You’re Welcome.” And Bands in the Backyard happened to be filming. The rest, as they say, is engagement history.

Thank ya’ll. And Kandace, this is the punishment for never posting on Noise Narcs: you become the subject of the post. And the subject of the rest of my life.

The Blood Feathers will be playing Johnny Brenda’s 5th Year Anniversary on Friday, September 30th 9:15PM, with Like A Fox and Matthew O’Neill opening. Tickets are $10, available here.

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