Noise Narcs is a collaborative, aimless mp3blog maintained by a group of friends in the interest of promoting and kvetching about music. If you’re an artist or label that wishes us to remove a song from this website, please contact us via this link and it will be removed promptly.

It all started in 2005, when a group of friends loosely clustered around alumni of the Sunbury Hall of Penn State started a MP3 mix “tape” group. After sixteen volumes (which I still have; contact me if interested), our generation’s apathy took its course and the trading was discontinued. In 2007, the spirit of the trading was resurrected in an mp3blog, Sunburymusic.com. By the end of 2007, naturally, apathy killed that site (which I backed up incorrectly and have now lost). Now Somalian pirates have hijacked the domain to profit from our massive traffic. Suckers.

So 2010 brings the third iteration of music sharing. Now rebranded as Noise Narcs, the music has been reborn. Contact us if you wish to contribute.

The name? Because college kids are the worst and Penn State saw fit not to put an RA on our floor, we instituted an open door and no volume limit policy our freshman year. Surprisingly, some of our hallmates did not appreciate our burgeoning attempts to share our musical taste and frequently complained to the authorities. Instead of being considerate, we ignored their complaints, ostracized them, and started referring to them as “noise narcs.” Sorry guys: we were being the worst. The logo? I won’t judge your lack of classic arcade knowledge, but only if you go play for a few hours.

Enjoy the music,


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  1. Trent W says:

    “Our freshman” what?, you ask. Year. Our freshman year.

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