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Hot Tub Rock Show: Katherine's Regretless List

This week, Noise Narcs answers the age-old question: What five bands would you travel back in time to see in their prime? To see other responses, jump in the hot tub.

I was going to write a post that just said “Coldplay,” no date, no justification. [I would have just assumed it was because of your dreadful (but pretty) doppleganger’s husband, Chris Martin. -Ed ] But then I realized that little joke didn’t really even make me laugh, so I started thinking of other acts I could name to better effect. Several Toby Keiths later, I finally just decided to take the assignment seriously, and offer you my best bets.

1. The Beatles rooftop concert, 1969. Even though they hated each other. The idea of sitting that close to them at the end of their era, without anyone else in the way — it’s just hard to see how anything else could beat it. Plus, I’ve always been a big fan of the Let It Be album, maybe more than is reasonable. Of course I only know about the show from the documentary, which means I’ve sort of already seen it (without actually having seen it in its entirety), but I’m pretty sure the real, live experience, with the London wind in my hair would trump anything I could ever see on film.

2. Sam Cooke, Harlem Square Club, 1963. Really, I’d take any show in 63 or 64 where he sings “Bring It On Home To Me,” but from the noise the crowd is making, this one sounds like the most fun. His voice is purer in other live recordings, but he really throws it down here in a way I would’ve loved to have seen.

Sam Cooke, “Bring It on Home To Me (Live at the Harlem Square Club 1963)”

3. Jefferson Airplane, San Francisco, 1969. I haven’t researched this one enough, but I’d want to hear tracks off Volunteers, so I guess it has to be sometime in the summer of love, before Woodstock.

[Or, due to a Youtube fail for San Fran 1969, how about this 1968 rooftop show in New York, filmed by Godard, that predates and gave the idea for the Beatles’? -Ed]

And that’s all I got. Am I a person who goes around regretting things all the time? No, I am not. I am not.

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Mates of State Covers Tom Waits

Probably because they rhyme. And isn’t that as good a reason as any? The adorable parents of Magnolia and June are touring with John Panos and my personal guitar hero Kenji Shinagawa this summer, and they played the First Unitarian Church in Philly last night. I know I would see more bands I’ve been enjoying on my iPod for years if they would only hire Kenji to play with them. What an awesome, exuberant show. And that’s a completely unbiased, disinterested remark.

Of course I didn’t know this Tom Waits track before I heard the Mates’ version (from their new cover album, Crushes), but I was pretty sure it would sound completely different, in a good way. Sure enough! One’s a party, the other’s a good-night kiss: two sides of the same shiny coin.

Tom Waits, “Long Way Home”
Mates of State, “Long Way Home”

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