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Tuscaloosa, AL

So. I live in Alabama. As such, I’m exposed to about zero new music, though the shitty undergrad bar across from the shithole I get soused in constantly has Boston blaring on it’s outside porch. So there’s that. I’ve learned a lot living down here. Mainly: the Civil War is actually called the War of Northern Agression, pulled pork is an acceptable meal at all times, I am in need of a job whenever riding a bike* and that it’s a total bonekiller not being able to go see great bands whenever you want. As such, I’m forced to do a lot of research of my own when it comes to new music. I am very lazy. As such, again, I haven’t been exposed to nearly as much new musics as I’d like to this year. As such, yet again, my list is mostly comprised of the few albums that managed to stand out in the collections I’ve taken the few minutes to download and listen to whilst sweating my ass off riding my bike through 110 degree heat and 100% humidity on the way to class or to eat the aforementioned pulled pork for breakfast. There is no rhyme or reason to this shit, it’s just the stuff I’ve found myself bobbing my head to in the midst of the constant film of sweat and pork grease that is life down here in the great state of Alabama. So yeah, roll tide and all that. *this advice is routinely shouted at me from the cab of oversized Ford Fwhatevers driven by douchelord undergrads with ridiculous bangs.

top ten albums

10Attack, Attack!: Attack, Attack!

I haven’t listened to a second of this album, but I used one of their videos in a presentation and namechecked them in a letter to the editor to our shitty school paper. Any band whose genre is named for its members playing their instruments like a spider dog struggling to drop a deuce deserves some sort of credit.

09Titus Andronicus: The Monitor

It’s probably because I live in Alabama right now, and we don’t have guidos or hoagies or south Philly accents here, but this album sounds like a beardo passed out on too much whiskey in front of McGlinchey’s. It makes me homesick is what I’m trying to tell you.

Standout Track(s): A More Perfect Union

08Evelyn Evelyn: Evelyn Evelyn

I’ve read so many weird stories this year that I think I was already predisposed to this album before I listened to it. It sounds like something my neighbor would write if she was a nice person who didn’t punch people in the throat. I shouldn’t say that, she is a nice person. But she does like to throat punch. This album does not. Also, it’s got a totally sweeping and overproduced song about myspace. C’mon.

Standout Track(s): My Space

07The Tallest Man on Earth: The Wild Hunt

Honestly, after about 20 minutes of this album I start to miss drums and bass and other stuff most bands have. But, what this guy manages to do with his voice and just a guitar is pretty impressive. I don’t go in much for all the folk revival bullshit that’s going on, so this is more of acknowledgement to a budding trend than anything else. If I’m gonna put my overalls on, take my shoes off and drink some moonshine, I’m probably gonna do it to this album.

Standout Track(s): King of Spain

06Sabrina Orah Mark: Tsim Tsum

Ok, this is a book…that came out in 2009. When Dave said no books, well, I kinda had to throw a book in. I had the chance to see SOM (what all the hip kids call her) read from this book and, frankly, it’s amazing.

05Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Fantasy

Muahaha, really, I’m just running out of stuff and I wanted to make at least one neckbeard irate that I had the audacity to put this universally lauded album on my list. When I stop listening to Runaway (in like a week) I’ll probably take it off.

04Sleigh Bells: Treats

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But picture this: it’s Fourth of July, I’m wearing a shirt with a goddamn wolf towering over Mount Rushmore on it and I’m drinking some sort of purple death juice out of a goddamn goldfish bowl. Then, a jacket, a jacket that doesn’t fit mind you, that is essentially made out of an American flag comes out of nowhere and I’m dancing to Sleigh Bells. I’m practically banging American at this point. It makes the list.

Standout Track(s): oh come now

03The Books: The Way Out

I have a boner for the books. This album was on the list before I even knew I was doing this list.

Standout Track(s): I dunno, the whole thing?

02CocoRosie: Grey Oceans

This is here mostly because of Lemonade. It’s a great fucking song. The rest of the album is solid too. Just listen to it jerks.

Standout Track(s): Lemonade

01Local Natives: Gorilla Manor

Yes, this album can very easily be written off as some white people who love NPR and fancy coffee type music. But, I’m a white guy who loves NPR and fancy coffees. I’ve listened to this album more than any others this year and it doesn’t have a weak track. It’s got good harmonies and drums that would make me moist, had I ladyparts.

Standout Track(s): Airplanes, World News, Who Knows, Who Cares

Dear lord. Am I getting paid for this? Seriously, I’ve got a 20 page story to finish. The least you guys could do is throw up a link to my blog. I just put google ads on that shit. I’m thinking in a few years I could make at least seventy five cents. Know what I’m gonna do with that seventy five cents? No, really, I have no clue what to do with seventy five cents these days. Ha, I’m kidding. I know exactly what I’m gonna do with that seventy five cents: I’m gonna buy me some blowpops. Three to be exact. Then I’m going to eat them and be totally bummed when the gum loses its flavor. But not as bummed as when fruit stripe loses its flavor. Seriously. Have you had a piece of fruit stripe lately? That first three seconds is the best, then it tastes like a dog’s brown eye. I don’t know why the good folks at fruit stripe can’t get their shit together. Hmm, I think I’ve got a letter to write, maybe some sort of e-petition. Those are effective. Oh yes, albums. In summation: I like these 10 albums.

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