Mike I: Top Albums of 2010

Philadelphia, PA

Here’s my list. I’d like to pretend I haven’t totally over-thought it, but that would be a lie. Like, there are some really good albums I’ve left off, some for pretty arbitrary reasons, and some because I haven’t really had a chance to listen to them much. So, I guess this is more like “ten albums I’ve actually listened to and enjoyed in 2010,” rather than some attempt at an objective top ten list. Anyway ..

top ten albums

08Mavis Staples: You Are Not Alone

I am kind of a sucker for Mavis Staples, even when she’s in full-on gospel mode

05Reflections Eternal: Revolutions Per Minute

Why did this release not get more attention? Am I just hanging around with the wrong people?

03Girl Talk: All Day

Does this count as a proper ‘album’? I’m counting it, because I love it, and have listened to it approximately eight million times.

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