Aaron G: Top Albums of 2010

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Here is my heavily Noise Narcs/Pitchfork influenced list of top 10 albums of 2010. I was able to see a solid 50% of the artists live this year, and the fact that I only listened to about 10 full albums made it easy to make my choices. Honorable mentions to Justin Bieber for his April 1st Bieber or Die takeover of Funny or Die (which was unfortunately the last funny thing that happened on Funny or Die) and to Freelance Whales for providing endless entertainment by infuriating the Noise Narcs editor every time he hears a song of theirs. On our upcoming family trip to our Grandmother’s I plan to make sure that Noise Narcs gets in the Christmas spirit with a rousing singalong to “Hannah.” My favorite songs that are not represented by an album on this list are Dawes “When My Time Comes, Grant-Lee Phillips “Strangest Thing,” and Broken Bells “High Road.”

top ten albums

10Deerhunter: Halcyon Digest

Almost downgraded off the list for Bradford Cox donning a Toronto Blue Jays sweatshirt in concert in Philadelphia a few months back.

07Local Natives: Gorilla Manor

Standout Track(s): Airplanes

03Vampire Weekend: Contra

Standout Track(s): Diplomat’s Son

02Arcade Fire: The Suburbs

Standout Track(s): We Used to Wait

01Beach House: Teen Dream

Standout Track(s): Used to Be

Teen Dream, The Suburbs, and Contra were all pretty even in my top 3. Back in the heyday of Lala, Teen Dream was on constantly whenever I was working in my classroom after school. When I listened to the three albums again this week, Teen Dream was still my favorite.

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