Matt S: Top Albums of 2010

Washington, DC

Overall I wasn’t very impressed by the new music that came out this year. Other than my top 3 or 4, I’m not sure any on my list this year would have made my top 10 from last year.

top ten albums

10Future Islands: In Evening Air

Standout Track(s): Walking Through That Door, As I Fall

09Alcest: Ecailles de Lune

Standout Track(s): Percees de Lumiere

08Crystal Castles: II

Standout Track(s): Empathy, Year of Silence

06Deerhunter: Halcyon Digest

Standout Track(s): Revival, Desire Lines

05Local Natives: Gorilla Manor

Standout Track(s): Airplanes

04Beach House: Teen Dream

Standout Track(s): Silver Soul, Norway

03Agalloch: Marrow of the Spirit

Outstanding album from Portland, Oregon-based black/folk metal band. Black Lake Nidstång is maybe my favorite song this year. It took me a while to get used to the singer’s guttural screaming and I’m still not 100% into it, but the instrumentals are so good. Definitely the weirdest music I’ve ever liked.

Standout Track(s): Black Lake Nidstång

02Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Fantasy

I knew I would like this album as soon as Kanye started rapping his first verse around 1:15 into Dark Fantasy (“How you say broke in Spanish? / Mi no hablo”). I started to get really, really hooked when Kanye and friends sang about jumping out of a window for the last 1:30 of Power. Then the Bon Iver sample turned into a f***ing killer track and this became one of my favorite albums of the year.

Standout Track(s): Lost in the World, Last 1:15 of Power, All of the Lights

01Arcade Fire: The Suburbs

The Suburbs is an album that is more evolutionary than it is revolutionary (whereas you could argue that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was something new in the world of hip-hop). But Arcade Fire do what they do incredibly well and I loved this album.

Standout Track(s): We Used to Wait, Sprawl II

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