Top Albums of 2010: Where in the World

It should come as no surprise that the Narcs are anything but cosmopolitan. Why listen to music from another country when you can pretend that the band from down the street is the second coming of The Stones? So 73% of our albums came from the US, a slight increase from last year’s 69% (I blame Fox News). The UK stayed virtually stagnant at 10%. And France and Canada stayed at around 4% of the total albums. Very little changed as you look at percentage of high scoring votes, with the US losing a little ground to Canada (70% and 13%, respectively: I blame Obama and those health care loving Democrats). As usual, Sweden did well, although Norway beat them senseless in the best song named after a country category.

As noted before, there was a significant provincial effect on voters from Philadelphia, who stopped worshiping Williamsburg long enough to notice the music around them. Although Brooklyn had more albums than in 2009, they lost ground on score. New York in general had more albums, moving from 17% of the albums in 2009 to 21% in 2010. But they stayed flat on score at 22% thanks to Brooklyn’s drop. Montreal and Chicago, at first glance, appear to have seriously improved their influence, but that’s an illusion created by our #1 and #2 albums of the year. Baltimore, as always inflated by a singular great album, stayed flat, swapping Animal Collective for Beach House. Of any city with a diverse group of albums, Philly and LA were clearly the winners, going from .5% to 3% and 1.75% to 5.6% of the score, respectively.

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  1. Matt Shopp says:

    I call bulls**t on your geographic breakdown. If Baltimore got credit for Animal Collective, then DC should get credit (or at least half credit) for Mynabirds – Laura Burhenn is a DC native who only recently moved to Omaha.

    • Matt Shopp says:

      Oops. Missed the discussion on the main page. Looks like I’m late to the “Dave sucks for not giving DC credit for Laura Burhenn” party.

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