Top Albums of 2011: Where in the World

I couldn’t be bothered to make all the fancy graphs this year. Too much work. Sarcastic braggadocio? Never too much work.

Yeovil, England

Yeovil, England, population 42,140, had a better total score (262) than all of the albums from New York City (259) COMBINED. Yes, that includes Brooklyn. Yes, that’s how goddamn good that PJ Harvey album was: better than all eleven NYC albums.


Noise Narcs continued its away-from-the-rest-of-the-world stance, maintaining its usual 70% distribution to bands from the United States (in points, number of albums, and number of votes).

England, because of mighty Yeovil, surged to 18% of the points and 15% of the votes, although it maintained its usual 12% of the albums.

Canada, without their Arcade Fire crutch, fell significantly. And, flying away from 2010’s relative cosmopolitanism, we told bands Malawi, Scotland, Israel, Mali, Somalia, Germany, and Japan to go fly a kite.


Philadelphia had 210 points, surging to within striking distance of NYC’s 259. Just for the record, that’s more than Brooklyn, more than Manhattan. We’re coming for you, Yankees, we’re coming for you.


As per usual, the cultural wasteland that is Washington, DC contributed no albums. Although someone nominated Wale’s album. I can only assume as a joke.

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