Matt S: Top Albums of 2012

Washington, DC

top ten albums

10Twin Shadow: Confess

Unless he did a concept album about our political system that I didn’t hear, I think the album is “Confess” not “Congress,” Dave.

09Ty Seagal: Slaughterhouse

Standout Track(s): I Bought My Eyes

07Killer Mike: R.A.P. Music

Standout Track(s): Reagan

06El-P: Cancer for Cure

Standout Track(s): The Full Retard; Drones Over Bklyn

05Purity Ring: Shrines

Standout Track(s): Fireshrine; Ungirthed

04Grizzly Bear: Shields

Standout Track(s): Yet Again

03Sharon van Etten: Tramp

Standout Track(s): Give Out; Serpents; We Are Fine

02Dum Dum Girls: End of Daze EP

Standout Track(s): Season in Hell; Lord Knows; I Got Nothing

01Barroness: Yellow & Green

My favorite album of the year by far. The two individual discs would be my #1 (Green) and #2 (Yellow) on their own. Metal purists may disagree with the label, but I think this is my favorite metal album of the past 5 years. I really hope Baroness can bounce back from the awful tour bus crash they had in the UK in August.

Standout Track(s): Green: Psalms Alive; Green Theme; The Line Between; MTNS
Yellow: Take My Bones Away; March to the Sea

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