Top Albums of 2012: Where in the World

Brooklyn, NY

Ugh. Brooklyn retook its musical throne, amassing 11% of the albums, 17% of the votes, and nearly 20% of the total score. Stupid Williamsburg. Thank God dramatically rising rents will drive all those artists to…


Last year, I wrote, “Philadelphia surged to within striking distance of NYC’s 259. Just for the record, that’s more than Brooklyn, more than Manhattan. We’re coming for you, Yankees.” How I missed 2011’s swagger and optimism: Philadelphia had its worse year on the Noise Narcs list since 2009 on the back of disappointing albums by Dr. Dog, Sun Airway, and others. And that’s even including recent transplants Baroness in the fold. But, Kurt Vile and others will be back in 2013, ready to strangle Brooklyn good.

Xenophobia Musica

In 2010 and 2011, Noise Narcs looked inward and chose the US over them damn foreigners 70% of the time. Obviously, that wasn’t xenophobic enough, as in 2012 we gave a full 75% of points, number of albums, and number of votes to bands from the good ol’ USA.

Australia surged on the back of Tame Imapala; England continued its downward trend; and Canada remains Arcade Fire-less.


For the fourth straight year, the cultural wasteland that is Washington, DC contributed no albums. Zero.

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