Katherine H: Top Albums of 2013

Princeton, NJ

top ten albums

08Major Lazer: Free the Universe

It turns out that many of the songs I have enjoyed this year are by this same collective and on this one album: Santigold, Dirty Projectors girl, Bubble Butt, etc. Still not sure if I ever heard it all the way through but whatever, no one’s perfect.

07Lorde: Pure Heroine

She is young and beautiful and preternaturally talented and I don’t even hate her. I just want to be in her a cappella group.

06Justin Timberlake: The 20/20 Experience

I think this is only album I consciously listened to all the way through this year, and I listened to it not once or twice, but five or six times on a long, trafficky drive from Sonoma to Palo Alto, because it was the only CD in Katie Marshall’s Honda, which I was borrowing for the day. At some point, I could’ve switched to NPR, sure. But I chose JT on repeat instead. No regrets.

05Daft Punk: Random Access Memories

I bopped around to this a lot this year, like everyone. I liked it. And I liked the way it made me remember listening to “Around the World” at midnight every night in the Herald office in college.

04Laura Marling: Once I Was an Eagle

This pale blond British folk musician recorded “Under the Greenwood Tree” for the RSC’s 2013 production of As You Like It — I mean, seriously, what more do I need to say?

03Phosphorescent: Muchacho

According to iTunes, this is a breakup album. I guess I don’t pay much attention to lyrics, because to me, it was the most romantic album of the year. Blue Valentine, anyone?

02Lucius: EP

On reflection, this is the album I sang along to most energetically whenever some nice person put it on. I am grateful to Noise Narcs for forcing me to learn what the album and band are called.

01Kanye West: Yeezus

In 1998, I went to France with my parents. On our return, we devoted a lot of time to tracking down the DC-area croissant most comparable to the mind-blowing pastries we had consumed so carelessly each morning in Paris. Nothing really compared, and my life was never really the same after that, which is ludicrous, of course, but so is desire and so are most of the other things that truly electrify us, including Kanye West.

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Honorable Mention Songs: “Work Bitch,” Britney Spears; “Drunk in Love,” Beyonce Knowles; “Swimming Pools,” Kendrick Lamar; “Song for Zula,” Phosphorescent; “Royals,” Lorde; “New Slaves,” Kanye West

01Justin Timberlake, “Mirrors”My rule of thumb for 2013: when “Mirrors” is not playing on the car radio, it’s important to change the station, on the off-chance it’s playing somewhere else. In 2013, it often was

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