Billy L: Top Albums of 2016

Alameda, CA

top ten albums

10case/lang/veirs: case/lang/veirs

Standout Track(s): Atomic Number, Delirium

09Sturgill Simpson: A Sailor’s Guide to Earth

Standout Track(s): Brace for Impact (Live a Little), Breakers Roar

08Solange: A Seat at the Table

Standout Track(s): Don’t You Wait, Cranes in the Sky, F.U.B.U.

07David Bowie: Blackstar

Standout Track(s): Lazarus, Blackstar

06Frank Ocean: Blond

Standout Track(s): Pink + White, Ivy


Standout Track(s): Drone Bomb Me, 4 Degrees

04Bon Iver: 22, A Million

Standout Track(s): 715 – CREEKS, 33 ‘GOD’

03Beyonce: Lemonade

Standout Track(s): Freedom, Formation

02Radiohead: A Moon Shaped Pool

Standout Track(s): Daydreaming, Desert Island Disk, Identikit

01A Tribe Called Quest: We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service

Standout Track(s): We the People…., Space Program

honorable mentions

S U R V I V E // RR7349; Porches // Pool; Blood Orange // Freetown Sound; Angel Olsen // My Woman; The Olympians // The Oympians; Sound of Ceres // Nostalgia for Infinity; DJ Shadow // The Mountain Will Fall

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top songs

10Radiohead, “Daydreaming”Cass McCombs, “Bum Bum Bum”

09Leonard Cohen, “You Want it Darker”

08Solange, “Don’t You Wait”Bass&drums&JennyLewis. Who needs guitar?

07Cass McCombs, “Bum Bum Bum”Radiohead, “Daydreaming”

06Nice as Fuck, “Door”Bass&drums&JennyLewis. Who needs guitar?

05ANOHNI, “Drone Bomb Me”ANOHNI, “Drone Bomb Me”

04DJ Shadow, “Nobody Speak” feat. Run the JewelsAnnihilation never sounded so good.

03Drake, “One Dance”It was a good year for Drake on dancehall tracks (see also “Work”).

02David Bowie, “Lazarus”Look up here; I’m in heaven.

01A Tribe Called Quest, “We the People….”Something something Trump’s America, something something. That beat tho. RIP Phife.

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