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Sweden: shwjergen!

Sweden has a lot going for it.   Its many cultural achievements include: anti-copyright advocates, bloodthirsty children, a serious love of coffeefrightening poetry*, meatballs, dancing policemenand goth detectives

But speaking of Swedish trilogies…back in January, the folk-electronica sextet from Malmö, Sweden, Fredrik, released a sophomore album Trilogi that is really three limited release EPs put together.  Evocative and eerie, Trilogi takes you on a thematic journey from Frozen Forests to the Underworld.  While I find it hit or miss at times, tracks like the plaintive and medieval sounding “Milo” makes Fredrik one more thing for Sweden to crow about.

Apparently they did a one week US tour back during Snowpocalypse 2010, stopping hardly anywhere (and yet finding time to play a bookstore in Harrisburg?), but if you like this you can catch them in a stripped down, acoustic, slightly hungover form over at the NPR website.

Fredrik, “Milo”

You can buy Trilogi at Amazon.

It’s not exactly weekend dancing music (unlike The Gas House Gorillas, who played energetic swing music to an appreciative Musikfest crowd of saddle-shoed hipsters and old folks alike the other night), but I like it.

*If you click on any of these links, click on this one.

Update!  I forgot…that NPR concert has spooky whistling.

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Letter to Paul

Dear Mr. McCartney,

Because you seem to have forgotten (with one exception), this is how it’s done.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

P.S. Isn’t our name pretty cool? Better than “Wings,” huh?
P.P.S. In case you’re interested, you can buy our Horse Power EP on Amazon.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., “Simple Girl” [via Altered Zones]

Update: Forgot to mention. This track continues Noise Narcs’ promise about posting awesome songs with whistling. See more here.

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Noise Narcs Promise (Whistling): White Fence

Pitchfork has started a new mega-blog, Altered Zones, which is taking posts from some of the best music blogs* focusing on “small-scale DIY music.”

And hey, there’s a neat song that involves whistling on it. I know nothing about White Fence, so go ahead Weekly Tape Deck:

While best recognized for his work as the frontman for Darker My Love (and as the background singer for The Strange Boys), it’s Tim Presley’s solo exploits that have been keeping our phono needles busy. His debut under the moniker White Fence is absolute ramshackle-scatterbrain-chaos, revealing an equal affinity for the acid-soaked psychedelia of Syd-era Floyd and the noise-caked post-punk of The Fall (see Reformation Post TLC).

Indeed. I’m hearing yogi-era Beatles on this one. And most importantly: brief whistling at the minute mark. Promise-keepers!

White Fence, “I’ll Follow You”

* with more than three readers, which is the only reason we didn’t qualify.

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