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1-Up: Here Comes the Sun

(courtesy of Mike Perry Studios)

1-up is a regular feature in which we drop a quarter into music we had once written off.

By all accounts, my first listen to Olivia Tremor Control should have  been transformative.  1996’s Dusk at Cubist Castle was a poppy, meandering jaunt through a Sgt. Pepper fantasyland.  A flash of seratonin-laced brilliance in a muddled, rainy landscape.  It should have been a welcome reminder that the 90’s didn’t have to be all grim, frustrated, and downright bleak.

But I was foolish.  I took my Vitamin D, mentally connected Olivia Tremor Control with the Beatles, and tossed the whole thing (along with the rest of Elephant 6) in the bottom of the sock drawer.

It was a mistake – I heard OTC, thought of the Beatles, and proceeded to fall in love with Brit-Pop.

Now, armed with a collection of Stereophonics and Supergrass records, I find myself returning to my Athens, Georgia-based Brit-Pop roots.  Turns out they have another album – 1999’s Black Foliage:  Animation Music, Volume 1.   I think I still have $7 left in my LaLa memorial iTunes account.  It looks like there will be sunny days ahead.

Olivia Tremor Control – No Growing

Olivia Tremor Control – Hideway

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