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"Elvis was a hero to most…"

Never apologize.

At least that’s what notorious kid Robert Evans, retired politician George W. Bush, unconcerned pedestrian Richard Ashcroft, and a whole host of others’ll tell you to do.

But I’m going to open this, my first post to the new site, with an out-and-out apology.  This thing I’m about to show you has recently gone for a bit of a ride across the internet, and I’m sorry if it’s not-at-all new to you.  Within certain circles it seems to have been blogged about, linked to, and generally social-media’d into its second (or third?) distinct life as a piece of notable pop culture capital.  But exactly how widespread it’s been, I’m not entirely sure.

I first came across this on Reddit, but it didn’t seem to receive an inordinate amount of attention there.  A few days later, by chance (or not), I saw it linked to somewhere else.  Then, over the winter holidays, I talked to an old friend from high school who now lives in Seattle about how this song-and-video partly inspired a modern dance piece she helped to choreograph and then performed with some company and a percussion ensemble and ohmygod were we drunk but it all sounded cool and made this thing seem even more relevant and worthy of sharing even though I didn’t yet know that this site would soon exist as a forum for that sharing.

Also, this song was supposedly pretty fucking big in Italy in its original heyday.  (It was in at least two TV specials, which have been edited together for this video, after the jump.)

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