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Our Favourite Son(g)s

Ugh. What’s worse? A blogger’s spelling pun, or an American band’s name utilizing British spelling? What’s definitely not the worst is the subject: Favourite Sons, whose album we recently identified as our 29th most-anticipated release of 2011, rose from the ashes of Philly’s Aspera (those ashes have good company, Noise Narcs favorite and Blood Feather Drew Mills was also a member). The titular track of their upcoming The Great Deal of Love, to be released “soon,” has everything we need in a winter warmer: a gravelly and emanating voice, plenty of opportunities for drunken singalongs, exquisite schadenfreude, and enough bouncy melody to pretend that it’s already spring.

Favourite Sons, “The Great Deal of Love” [Buy their debut, Down Beside Your Beauty]

And they’ve recently released their second video, “For Dear Life.”

Favourite Sons: For Dear Life from Georgia on Vimeo.

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