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Upcoming Shows: Tame Impala at the First Unitarian Church

As the Noise Narc most likely to use the “psychedelic” tag (especially since Dave misspells it “psychadelic”), I’ve been remiss in waiting this long to post a track from what is very possibly the best psychedelic album of 2010, Tame Impala’s debut Innerspeaker.

The Western Australian four-piece has made quite a splash this year, and if Pitchfork hadn’t been so glowing about them, I probably would have posted a review of my own a long time ago.  I stupidly resisted listening to the album because Pitchfork is not the boss of me.  Yet as St. Augustine wrote, “what a fool I was then.”  Seriously, folks, it’s good.  Also, while I’m going to post the single, “Solitude is Bliss,” bear in mind that Innerspeaker is a whole album and that’s how you’re supposed to listen to it.

They’re going to be playing the First Unitarian Church  in Philadelphia this Sunday at 7:30.  Tickets are $12.

On a side note, the latest R5 Productions email notification calls Tame Impala “a more poppy, fun version of Dungen” and Passion of the Weiss made a similar comparison to the Swedish prog outfit back in July:

I love the Tame Impala record, but let’s be honest with ourselves: they’re essentially a poor man’s Dungen fronted by a guy with an uncanny vocal resemblance to John Lennon on “Tomorrow Never Knows.”

Having listened to the latest from Dungen, this year’s Skit I Allt, I can definitely see the resemblance, but if only one of these albums is going to be on my top ten, it’ll be the one from down under.

Tame Impala, “Solitude is Bliss” [Buy Innerspeaker]

Dungen, “Barnen Undrar” [Buy Skit I Allt]

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Continental Shelf Wars: Australia vs. New Zealand

As an ignorant American, virtually all I know about the cultural nuances of Australia and New Zealand can neatly be summed up with these skits from Flight of the Conchords:

So: I know nothing. I even thought that New Zealand was part of Australia’s “continent”; turns out they’re on completely different continental shelves. So what qualifies me to talk about Australia’s or New Zealand’s music? I know how to use the internet just well enough to set up a blog, that’s what. Someone should really put a stop to that.

Australia’s Deep Sea Arcade
The press release we got sent from Deep Sea Arcade likens them to “The Zombies throwing a beach party for Portishead.” I don’t hear Portishead, but I do hear The Zombies. And oh my, do I dig their The Zombies handshaking Elvis Costello sound. New single is “Keep on Walking.”

Deep Sea Arcade, “Don’t Be Sorry”
Deep Sea Arcade, “Keep on Walking”

New Zealand’s Surf City
I first heard Surf City doing a credible Jesus & Mary Chain shtick for their debut EP. But what’s really got me going is the krautrock of “Icy Lakes,” which is off their upcoming debut LP. Due out in November on Fire Records.

Surf City, “Icy Lakes”

And there you have it: two bands from loosely related countries. American ignorance FTW.

Update: How ignorant am I? I used the wrong “sea” and failed to capitalize the word “new” in New Zealand the first time. Someone should really make blogs harder to use, separate that chaff.

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