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Youngins Avi Buffalo

L.A. band Avi Buffalo appears to be getting quite a bit of attention. According to the very little research I conducted, their single “What’s in it For?” was taken up pretty quickly by Sup Pop, who signed them and has now released their debut album.

I’m not sure what exactly to say that I like here, except that for such a young band (all of the members graduated high school, thank God, by the time the record was released), they have strong lyrical command with quite a bit of wry humor (even when they wield words like “cum” in the song I’ve posted below) and a sound that is more mature than you’d expect for such youngins. I’m not a huge fan of wandering guitar (it tends to take my attention along with it), but I don’t mind it here.

This is a nice summer listen and impressive debut effort. I enjoy the vocal duo on “One Last,” and I’m posting “Summer Cum” with just a little bit of adult discomfort, since it is my favorite on the album so far.

06 Summer Cum

07 One Last

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