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Adding to our hate list: Big Z

At Noise Narcs, we hate 16-year-olds. They’re loud. They’re prone to flash mobs. They use words we don’t understand. They drive faster than the posted speed limit. They’re always hitting their balls on our lawn. In fact, there’s only one thing we hate more than 16-year-olds: 16-year-olds who disguise their age.

A few weeks ago, we got an email from Zach Caraher, who identified himself as a producer from Philadelphia with a new mixtape dropping on September 22nd. So hey: I like the music and things from Philadelphia, so I gave it a listen. And it’s pretty darn good, even had me toe tapping to a goddamn Jack Johnson song. Only one thing Zach forgot to mention: he’s sixteen. Damn kids, always thinking that old people don’t know how to use Google.

So, Zach aka Big Z Rap Remixes, keep your damn ball of our lawns. And the remixes coming.

Big Z Remixes, “No Good With Faces (ft. Jack Johnson and Too Short)”
Big Z Remixes, “Forever (ft. Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne)”

[Download the remix album Slow Down]

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