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Everybody Loves to Write about "To Love Somebody"

After Chris’s excellent post on the Bee Gee’s “To Love Somebody” and its covers, I couldn’t resist popping over to Wikipedia to get a list of other covers and then to MOG to listen to them. Wikipedia’s list has some hilarious artists covering it, and for once Mog’s library failed me in ways that please: thank the heavens they don’t have Billy Corgan’s or the double evil of Damien Rice WITH Ray LaMontagne’s version (!?!).

But after having listened to Chris’ versions (of which, I agree, Dara Puspita’s is the highlight) and a dozen more, the song itself still remains incapable of being ruined. Yes, even Bonnie Tyler’s “screaming equals passion” version, Michael Bolton’s douchebag version, Lulu’s just plain worthless version, and The Animals’ House of the Rising Suck version (amidst countless other middling ones) could not fool me into thinking that this song isn’t superb. As country, rock, R&B, or Indonesian garage, it excels.

Given my recent Booker T & the MGs post, it should be no surprise that one of my favorite covers involves Booker T & The MGs. And given my recent countrification, the second shouldn’t be a surprise either. Thanks, Chris, for shining a certain kind of light on this great song. I make no apologies for posting Rod Stewart.

Rod Stewart, “To Love Somebody w/Booker T & The MGs (Early Take)”

Flying Burrito Brothers, “To Love Somebody”

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Letter to the Owners of Shot-and-a-Beer Corner Bars

Dear owners of shot-and-a-beer corner bars,

Every Tuesday night, at midnight or so, after the regulars have returned home to their neglected families, after the slumming hipsters and self-denying yuppies have shuffled on, after the cackling jokes have silenced, after the young- and old-in-love have linked arms and left, after the merely glum have mumbled their hesitant “Well, I guess I should…,” when all that’s left are men with their elbows on the bar and their head in their hands, nodding imperceptibly to your offer of “Another?”, walk around the bar, your pockets jangling, and put quarter after quarter into the jukebox.

And play this:
Booker T. and the MGs, “Ode To Billie Joe”


Noise Narcs

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