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Anni Rossi reminds me… of my sexism

Big cats, and Anni Rossi, hate sexism

Five years ago or so, I did a back-of-the-envelope calculation of the bands I dug who were fronted by men versus women. Then I started including bands who had at least one woman. Then I stopped doing the calculation at all. It wasn’t pretty, and the shame has kept me from doing anything similar since.

My sexist image isn’t helped much by Anni Rossi. Sure, I really like her Rockwell EP from 2009, and I’m digging her new track, “Crushing Limbs,” so I get to add her to the non-sexist-jerk side of the envelope. But when I go to write her up, what bands do I think to reference? PJ Harvey (the fiery cello), Feist (this bumpy new pop track), and Tune-Yards (her rough wildness). All women, Dave? Really? You couldn’t think of, say, Mountain Goats? You damn sexist bastard. As the song says, I “should be taken away in an emergency car.”

Anni Rossi, “Las Vegas” (from Rockwell, 2009)
Anni Rossi, “Crushing Limbs” [via Fluxblog]

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