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The first time the F word was said on Jeopardy!*

Scene: The muted fluorescence of Merv Griffin’s retrofuturistic Jeopardy! set. A bearded wannabe-hipster named David stands in palms-sweaty anticipation in front of his podium, giddy with luck. It’s been his day, with categories such as “Mets Baseball Players 1987-2010,” “Philadelphia Music Acts 2006-2011,” “Yesterday’s NYT.Com Headlines,” and “Movies That Most Reasonable People Like But I Think Suck.” There’s only square left in play.

David: I’ll take “The Right Music for the Moment” for $1200, Alex.

Dooodododo rings from the speakers

Alex: That’s our final daily double. David, you have a insurmountable lead over your librarian and research assistant competitors who know important things, are not from Philadelphia, and do not love the New York Mets.

David: I got this, Alex. I’m betting it all.

Alex: [An appreciative whistle.] Oh-kay. For a total of $64,400. …. The category again is “Right Music for the Moment” and the answer is… “The best musician to play on a jukebox on a gente snowy day as you eat brunch at a bar.”

David: [A relieved, confident sigh.] Who is Townes Van Zandt?

Alex Oh… I’m sorry. We were looking for Coldplay. Coldplay.

David Fuck you, Alex.

* not by Sean Connery

Townes Van Zandt, “Be Here to Love Me” [Buy]

Townes van Zandt. “Talking Karate Blues” [Buy]

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Hot Tub Rock Show Hangover

This past week, Noise Narcs answered the age-old question: What five bands would you travel back in time to see in their prime? To see all of the responses, jump in the hot tub.

It always happens: you get in your hot tub, whack a few sixers, go back in time, see some shows, and Monday morning you’re hungover and all the talking you’re capable of goes towards figuring out what happened the past week.

It’s been a lot of fun reading everybody’s list this week. From Chris T’s insightful parsing of time travel desires to Matt’s run through of WMGK’s playlist (I keed, I keed) to Material Live’s reluctant but then overflowing list to Katherine’s jump into mod to Trent’s attempt to get in pocket to my own lists… it’s been a great and fun insight into the Noise Narcs’ hive mind.

A few observations among the six contributers and 29 choices: a surprising paucity of jazz, the century’s great live at (3), relatively few repeats (two each for Led Zeppelin, Velvet Underground, and James Brown), and an unsurprising cluster of acts in the 1960s and 1970s. In fact, I think we could all be relatively happy in the period from, say, 1968-1972.

Thanks to all the Noise Narcs contributors for humoring me in this silliness.

If there’s anybody who understands our post-Hot Tub pain, it’s Johnny Cash, song courtesy of Kris Kristofferson.

Johnny Cash – Sunday Morning Coming Down (live)

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It's Hard To Be Humble When You're From Philadelphia: Phosphorescent, Free Show, Tonight

Sure, Chris may be repping Bethlehem’s street music and beer drinking, but here in the City of Brotherly Love, we drink beer in the streets (and in some churchy venues) like gentlemen: out of a paper bag.

And tonight we’ll get to do that as we enjoy one of my favorite acts of the year, Phosphorescent, for free in Rittenhouse Square Park. Philly’s most adorable crazy indie rap-dance-punk-electro group, GANG, open.

Tally: Bethlehem 1 (birthing the messiah), Philadelphia 1 (free Phosphorescent concert)

Phosphorescent, “It’s Hard to Be Humble When You’re From Alabama”

GANG, “Rat Poison”

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Everybody Loves to Write about "To Love Somebody"

After Chris’s excellent post on the Bee Gee’s “To Love Somebody” and its covers, I couldn’t resist popping over to Wikipedia to get a list of other covers and then to MOG to listen to them. Wikipedia’s list has some hilarious artists covering it, and for once Mog’s library failed me in ways that please: thank the heavens they don’t have Billy Corgan’s or the double evil of Damien Rice WITH Ray LaMontagne’s version (!?!).

But after having listened to Chris’ versions (of which, I agree, Dara Puspita’s is the highlight) and a dozen more, the song itself still remains incapable of being ruined. Yes, even Bonnie Tyler’s “screaming equals passion” version, Michael Bolton’s douchebag version, Lulu’s just plain worthless version, and The Animals’ House of the Rising Suck version (amidst countless other middling ones) could not fool me into thinking that this song isn’t superb. As country, rock, R&B, or Indonesian garage, it excels.

Given my recent Booker T & the MGs post, it should be no surprise that one of my favorite covers involves Booker T & The MGs. And given my recent countrification, the second shouldn’t be a surprise either. Thanks, Chris, for shining a certain kind of light on this great song. I make no apologies for posting Rod Stewart.

Rod Stewart, “To Love Somebody w/Booker T & The MGs (Early Take)”

Flying Burrito Brothers, “To Love Somebody”

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Phosphorescent: or How I Learned to Stop Worryin' and Love Countrified Classic Rock

I don’t have much to say other than this: If you don’t want to listen to the sun-filled, slide guitar-wielding country meets classic rock of Phosphorescent’s Here’s to Taking It Easy on a roofdeck at sunset with a beer in hand… Well, brother, don’t plan on spending much time with me this summer. This album will be on my top 10 list.

Phosphorescent, “The Mermaid Parade”

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I'll even learn to like the taste of whiskey…

Tammy Wynette: A good girl gone bad

Continuing on the countrifyication of Noise Narcs that started with Cydney’s Waylon Jennings post, I’m posting a classic from Ms.-Stand-By-Your-Man herself, Tammy Wynette. Why? On Sunday night, Kung Fu Necktie is hosting a classic country DJ/coverband night, and Steven Ward James’ promo mix (which includes tracks from Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn, and all the known and unknown greats) draws you so deep into Philly’s early April 88°F/60% humidity that you’d swear you were straddling the Alabama/Mississippi border, just like Tammy’s childhood farm.

Tammy Wynette, “Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad”

And by all means, go check out the rest of Steven’s mix (via Philebrity), and then head over to KFN on Sunday.

S I N G I N ‘ I T L O N E S O M E
Sunday, April 11th 9pm-2am / 21+ / No Cover
Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia
w/ special live guests:
THE WALLACE BROTHERS (classic country covers)

Oh, and just because it’s awesome, Loretta Lynn’s “Fist City”:

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