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You passed the test on Saturday / The Trademark Experience

Thanks go out to all the people who came out to the Cozy Galaxies, Grubby Little Hands, and Bridge Underwater show on Saturday night. You all passed with flying colors. More picture proof can be found at Rockaphilly.com‘s Flickr. And check out Rockaphilly’s indie show listing while you’re at it.

My friend from Wisconsin said, 'Damn. People from Philadelphia are hot.' We know.

Cozy Galaxies

Donnie from Grubby Little Hands

Pat from Bridge Underwater

Speaking of passing tests, this video from Philly’s The Trademark Experience, made to encourage Philly kids to do well on the (funding imperative) PSSA exams, touches all the right places on its way to parodying Fabulous’ “You Be Killin’ Em” [via Philebrity]. Aw.

The Trademark Exeprience, “Fill It In”

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Although Philadelphians don’t understand irony, we do understand free tickets

The Onion, who just recently launched in Philly, are doing a ticket giveaway for some show we might have talked about a little bit. Namely one sponsored by this blog and featuring the excellent Cozy Galaxies, Grubby Little Hands, and Bridge Underwater.

Enter now at The AV Club’s site.

And special thanks go to Sly Fox (and Suzanne) for their green room consideration, the wonder that is Odyssey x2 IPA, and for helping make Philly’s beer scene so kickass since 1995.

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Philly’s music scene is more than just Kurt Vile (even if he tries hard to make it seem that way)

Kurt Vile has his hands in a lot of Philadelphia pies

That Kurt Vile record? Oh my gawd. The best Philly record in roughly forever. If you’re previously familiar with Vile, you’ll recognize the same juke that Deerhunter pulled with Halcyon Digest: the sound got less aggressively “weird,” but underneath the shinier veneer is an intensified strangeness: a musical force that rips you apart while maintaining eye contact. If you’re just joining the Kurt Vile freak train (of course it’s not because of Pitchfork’s BNM. No, I know. You’re not a cog in Pitchfork’s culture machine. I believe you.): 1) yes, that’s his given name, and 2) welcome to the party.

And one hell of a big-tent party it is. Not only did Vile play in one of my other favorite Philly bands of this millennium (The War on Drugs), in the past year he also contributed to J Mascis’ excellent new album (see his work below on the amazing “Not Enough”), inspired the below homage track from Shai Halpern’s solo project Sweet Lights (also excellent), played with Thurston Mooore, opened for Pavement, signed to Matador, and to top it all off went back in time, hung out with caveman, and invented music.

Cozy Galaxies, Grubby Little Hands, and Bridge Underwater $10, 3/19 8:00 PM @ The M Room, 15 W Girard

But, despite appearances, Kurt Vile doesn’t have his hands in every awesome Philly indie rock band. Need proof? Tomorrow we’re throwing down with three of our absolute favorite Philly bands, and Kurt Vile plays in none of them (yet). Join us for our show with Cozy Galaxies, Grubby Little Hands, and Bridge Underwater at the M Room, tomorrow night (3/19) at 8 PM. The internet can’t be wrong: So far, City Paper‘s Critical Mass, The New Philadelphia, and The Swollen Fox have picked it for their featured show of the night (take that, Godspeed You! Black Emperor).

NoiseNarcs.com presents Cozy Galaxies, Grubby Little Hands, and Bridge Underwater
Sat, March 19th. 8PM. $10
The M Room, 15 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA
Event Page

Kurt Vile, “Baby’s Arms” [Buy]
J Mascis, “Not Enough (ft. Kurt Vile)” [Buy]
Sweet Lights, “Ballad of Kurt Vile #2” [Bandcamp]

Cozy Galaxies, “Clean Yourself Up” [Buy]

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Announcing Noise Narcs Show: March 19th with Cozy Galaxies, Grubby Little Hands, and Bridge Underwater

More on this–and the bands–later, but a month from tomorrow we’ll be throwing down with three of our favorite Philly bands. Really: we couldn’t be more thrilled to have all three bands on this lineup. Even if we weren’t involved, I’d call this show can’t miss*.

Cozy Galaxies, “Clean Yourself Up”
Cozy Galaxies, “Dreamer”

Grubby Little Hands, “Feel In My Back”
Grubby Little Hands, “The Length Of The Chains”

Bridge Underwater, “Send Me All Your Love”
Bridge Underwater, “The Whoa Song”

Cozy Galaxies, Grubby Little Hands, and Bridge Underwater
Saturday, March 19th, 8:00 PM, $10
The M Room, 15 W Girard, Philadelphia
Event Page

* It has been said by some that I also turn thirty suspiciously close to this date, to which I say: bullshit. Thirty is too old to run a music blog. Also, 15.
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Upcoming Shows: Blood Feathers w/ Birdie Busch, Cozy Galaxies

In the next two days, some of Noise Narcs’ favorite Philly acts are playing in Philly. And both have some Noise Narcs connection. And man are we excited.

Tomorrow, 1/20, a Drew Mills and Ben Dickey of Blood Feathers perform a rare, stripped-down set at Philly’s intimate Tin Angel, featuring “material from the Blood Feathers songbook as well as a few surprises.” I wonder who suggested that a stripped-down set at the Tin Angel? And more importantly: Ohboyohboyohboy. Sounds like new material to us. As if that weren’t enough of a draw, charming-as-all-get-out Birdie Busch co-headlines. [Tickets]

Blood Feathers, “Sea Legs” [Buy]

Birdie Busch, “Joey” [Buy]

And tonight, Philly’s Cozy Galaxies (who recently got both WXPN and Philebrity love, not to mention releasing a new video, right ) play at Kung Fu Necktie with Secret Mountains, Clean Equations and Giant Mind. Cozy Galaxies should be no stranger to the Noise Narcs audience, but Baltimore’s Secret Mountains probably need some introduction. Coming from the same rich vein as fellow Poe-citiers Beach House and Lower Dens, they’re a band I’d keep a very close eye on. Starting tonight. Oh, and speaking of Cozy Galaxies, someone floated a rumor that they might be playing a gig on March 19th as well…

Cozy Galaxies, “Dreamer” [Buy]

Secret Mountains, “Rejoice” [Buy]

Ben and Drew of Blood Feathers with Birdie Busch
Thursday, 1/20, 8:30PM @ Tin Angel
20 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA

Giant Mind, Cozy Galaxies, Secret Mountains, Clean Equations
Wednesday, 1/19, 8PM @ Kung Fu Necktie
1250 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA

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Guest Post: Inside MOG's Cozy Galaxies

We first introduced Noise Narcs readers (and ourselves) to Cozy Galaxies [Facebook, Myspace] via our post about Philladelphia’s Bloktoberfest. Despite long lines and a plenitude of beers, Cozy Galaxies pierced through the beer fog. And, after having first only given a few songs a cursory rush-to-post listen, their self-titled album is actually one of the finest releases Philly releases of 2010 in an absolute bumper crop. Finely-crafted, swirling Pavement-meets-My Morning Jacket dreampop. Bassist Andrew Mattey graciously offered to send an album over, but we had already been listening to it via the magic that is MOG’s music streaming [free trial here,, by the way]. Even better, he offered to do a guest post, on the horrors of losing your music collection (something I wake up in sweats worrying about) and the panacea that MOG offers. But not, unfortunately, the epic weirdness that must have been their opening spot for Beatles almost-ran Pete Best. Read below and by all means, check out Cozy Galaxies, available now [Buy].

MOG offers eight million streaming tracks, and dries your eyes after your music collection has been stolen

Starting at age six, I began collecting music. Dozens of cassettes at first, then 100s of CDs, and finally there was an epic amount of mp3s. At the time of its theft, my 60 gig iPod was nearly full with music. And because my computer was also stolen earlier that month, the iPod was holding everything. Just like that, my sixteen years of collecting music had come to a brutal end. Sure I still had plenty of CDs, but most were purchased during my early teens and no longer fit my tastes. Also many were scratched, and many of my favorite CDs were gifted to friends. I did get another mp3 player and supplemented my music when I could, but had the sad realization my collection would never return to its former glory.

When I first discovered MOG, which offers unlimited and on-demand access to an enormous library of music for $5 and unlimited mobile downloads for $10, I saw a very interesting innovation in an industry which has seen declining profits over the past year, and also a service that seemed perfectly catered to me. I subscribed to the service almost immediately.

One of my first thoughts about the site was that this type of service is going to put serious pressure on iTunes, the dominant player in the digital music industry. However, the more I think about it, the less this may be true… at least in the immediate future. I currently own very little music, so I am more than happy to pay just to have access to it. But would I be as willing to subscribe if I still had my incredible collection intact? Probably not, and this is the situation that most music collectors find themselves in.

However, it is very difficult to argue against the economic sense of such a service in the long run. For instance, say a consumer wants to buy three new albums, but only has money to buy one. It just makes more sense to pay for the price of one and have access to all three through a service like MOG, rather than just buy the one album from iTunes.

So why hasn’t services like MOG been able to better compete with iTunes, is it because consumers still want to own their music? No, consumers will never own the music that they buy; the label/artist/publisher already does that. When they sell you a CD or mp3, they are just selling another way to access that music, which MOG can do more efficiently. MOG’s main problem right now is visibility, most people don’t know about it. I didn’t know about it myself until David here at NoiseNarcs informed me that it is where he’s been listening to my band’s new album.

Unfortunately for MOG, Apple will most likely unveil a similar service before MOG’s is really able to take off; and their iPod-holding, dancing silhouettes will probably do a better job selling it. But in the meantime, the site is definitely worth checking out, whether your looking to listen to albums that you’ve lost or discovering new music. They are currently running a 14-day free trial.

Cozy Galaxies, “Aquajog”
Cozy Galaxies, “Clean Yourself Up”

Andrew Mattey is the bass player in the Philadelphia-based Cozy Galaxies. He also holds a B.A. in Economics and Politics from Temple University. Cozy Galaxies is available now [buy].

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Bloktoberfest > Gentrification

Shiloh Baptist Church, courtesty of lb_philly

For you outsiders, Philly is a city of neighborhoods. Last time Noise Narcs’ Material Lives came to visit, she said that she would probably hate Philly if she didn’t have a local to take her to all the (walkable) awesome ‘hoods and was instead bounded by the tiny boundaries of the tourist circuit. One of those formidable hoods is Graduate Hopstial (which I’m still calling it despite the hospital’s renaming and residents attempts to go by SoSo for South of South), an area south of tony Rittenhouse Square. Graduate Hospital had become a predominately black neighborhood by the 1920s, home of Philly’s contralto pride Marian Anderson, and for many decades was one of the arteries of the heartbeat of Philly’s musical scene. But in the 1980s and 1990s, the neighborhood fell on tough times, setting the stage for the inevitable gentrification flow from nearby Rittenhouse. I won’t bore with you my conflicted feelings here, the inevitability of market forces and neighborhood change, cities’ struggles with providing sufficient affordable housing, our historical guilt for the sordid past of redlining which prevented African Americans from buying houses (this Plan Philly article does a good job at detailing the area’s gentrification). But, anyway, suffice to say both gentrifications’ good and bad sides have reared their heads in Graduate Hospital.

But Bloktoberfest is pure good. On the 20th Street block of Christian Street sits Shiloh Baptist Church, a mammoth and beautiful church that once housed Philadelphia’s largest African American Baptist congregation. And in an attempt to bridge the gap from the gentrfiying to historical residents, the neighborhood has been hosting Bloktoberfest, a celebration of craft beer (33 varieties at bargain prices), food truck cuisine, and music, all in support of Shiloh Baptist Church. And it’s free to attend. The ‘fest’s previous year was marred by rain, but was still a truly remarkable time. This year promises to be even better. Plus, how often do you get a chance to tour a gorgeous church drunk?

A selection of Bloktoberfest’s bands:

Budos Band: My Staten Island friends have been talking for years about the excellence of their borough’s afrobeat revivalists with good reason.
Budos Band, “Chicago Falcon” [Buy Budos Band III]

The Love Language: Recently signed to Merge, these guys walk the same swirling paths that My Morning Jacket used to tread.
The Love Language, “This Love Is Our Own” [Buy]

Allo Darlin’: Philly’s heart belongs to twee and so does this London quartet’s.
Allo Darlin’, “The Polaroid Song” [Buy]

Cozy Galaxies: Née Major Leagues, these Philadelphians (along with Dr. Dog) make a case for Philly’s defining new sound as mix of The Beatles and bar rock.
Cozy Galaxies, “Dreamer” [Buy]

And for the honor of the hood, the inimicable Marian Anderson:
Marian Anderson, “My Souls Been Anchored in the Lord” [Buy]

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