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"The longing that brings one here with a lot of reverb, it's sip directly under the skin."

I’m working on a real post about the relationship between music and story, but in the meantime please enjoy a fun track from As the Dark Wave Swells, the most recent release from Croatian surf-rockers, The Bambi Molesters:

The Bambi Molesters, “Siboney”

According to a German review of the album (and thanks to Google Translate):

Nine years of waiting have paid off: Just killer, no fillers. The world, it can be so unfair: Scrap soulless filled to the brim of the charts, wonderful music, when every note comes to the soul, remains unheard. No, “As the dark wave swells” must not go unheard.

Let the success to come in waves.

And as a bonus, here’s a video produced for the album’s title track:

As the Dark Wave Swells

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