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New Track for Deerhunter: More of the Same

No, no, no. It doesn’t sound the same at all. It’s just as awesome as all previous Deerhunter stuff. Really, has anyone in the indie sphere recently had as prodigious and brilliant an output as Bradford Cox? Between Deerhunter and Atlas Sound, he’s absolutely killing it. Excited as all get out Halcyon Digest, out September 28 on 4AD. [Website.]

Deerhunter, “Revival”

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The report of my death was an exaggeration

Sometimes words get twisted. Like Twain being reported dead because of his cousin’s illness. Or Twain’s quote being misreported as “my death was greatly exaggerated” when it actually was the above.

But I’m beginning to think that Alasdair MacLean’s claim that it “might be the end” of 60s dreampop outfit The Clientele was just a clever ploy to make sure I bought tickets for their show at Johnny Brenda’s last year. Especially since they’re releasing a new “mini-album” on August 31st and the lead single sounds part and parcel of every The Clientele song ever recorded. No hard feelings though. I like The Clientele and their dependably upbeat and melancholic songs alot. I liked the show. And I really, really liked how dazzlingly cute their violinist Mel Draisey was, encased in her 60s dress and blonde, very British slightness.

Also, they did a cover of M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes”: decidedly less cute than a blonde Brit in a sundress. Also, “blonde” is feminine but “blond” is masculine: what is this, Spanish?

The Clientele, “Jerry” [via Pitchfork]
The Clientele, “Paper Planes” [via AV Club via We All Want Someone to Shout For]

PS M.I.A.’s album is streaming on her MySpace. Not very good, IMNHO.

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Dreaming of Philadelphia Sun (or: It's Always Sun Airway in Philadelphia)

Philadelphia’s Sun Airway released my second favorite EP, Oh Naoko, of 2009 (a surprisingly close second behind Animal Collective’s Fall Be Kind). And according to their latest Facebook status, they’re “99.99%” done their debut LP, which is my most anticipated Philadelphia release of 2010. (Although, if Man Man’s record drops this year, that’d be a bleacher brawl worthy of a Mets-Phillies 10 cent beer night.)

Sun Airway are two members of the The A-Sides, who released two albums that got a lot of “Beatles-esque” tagging before disbanding after 2007’s Vagrant release, Silver Storms. I liked Silver Storms well enough on the whole, but when push comes to shove, it was really all about one song for me, “Cinematic.”

Sun Airway and their EP are a whole other ballgame: I’m thoroughly enthused about each and every track. Glimmering dream pop that is familiar and enveloping: like a slightly peppier Beach House (“Oh, Naoko”) or as if Animal Collective decided to flash just a smidge more of the picture perfect pop songs underneath the noise (“Your Moon”). Oh, did I mention that the EP is offered free on their website? Go get it now: it’s a sun-kissed treat, and with the clouds and snow Philly’s been seeing lately, it’s a welcome one.

Below find the surprisingly non-John Lennon-biting “Oh, Naoko” and the longing “Waiting on You,” as well as The A-Sides’ “Cinematic.” You might also want to check out the videos of Sun Airways’ Jon Barthmus performing accoustic at Philly’s Art in the Age gallery/boutique.

Sun Airways, “Oh, Naoko”
Sun Airways, “Waiting on You”

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