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Fol Chen and Baths at Johnny Brenda's

Next Thursday, 8/5, Johnny Brenda’s will be hosting two interesting California acts fresh off of new releases.  Headlining will be the mysterious Fol Chen, who dropped their sophomore album, Part II: The New December at the beginning of this month and from what I’ve heard, it’s pretty crazy.  A sort of demented, disjointed pop that paints a picture of a parallel earth, a successful revolution with unexpected consequences.  Here’s a description from the press release:

The plot, steeped in a Bowie-esque sense of puckish melodrama, picks up with the malevolent John Shade vanquished. Unfortunately, the struggle alluded to in Part I has left Fol Chen’s world frayed – covered in ash, plagued by acid rain – and its population dazed. The members of Fol Chen, once a ragtag team of insurgents, are now bureaucrats forced to sit back and watch as the cipher they relied upon to defeat Shade mutates into a virus that eats words indiscriminately.

Watch this, you will like it, weirdos:

Fol Chen – The Holograms

Fol Chen | MySpace Music Videos

Pretty scary, yeah?  It’s tough to resist sharing at least one more track with you, but if you manage to get your hands on it (You can purchase Part II: The New December here), “Men, Beasts or Houses” comes with my seal of approval.  It’s dark and strange.

Opening for Fol Chen will be Baths, the latest project of 21 year old Will Weisenfield, that released a debut LP, Cerulean at the end of last month.

Baths, “Lovely Bloodflow”

You can buy Cerulean at Amazon.

Looks like tickets to the show are just $10 and are still available.

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