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Even Outer-Space has a Glass Ceiling

James Mercer (from the Shins) and Brian Burton (Danger Mouse) will soon release a video for “The Ghost Inside,” a track from their recent collaboration, Broken Bells (which Cydney wrote positively about way back at the beginning of march).  EW reports that starring in the video alongside Mercer and Burton will be none other than Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks.

Hendricks plays a hard-working android who wants to retire to an outer-space resort community. The voyage brings Hendricks’ character into contact with Mercer and Danger Mouse, a.k.a. Brian Burton. On that meeting, Mercer remains mum. When it comes to her spaceship trip, he only offers, ”Things happen along the way that make it difficult.”

Poor Joan.  So savvy and competent, yet nothing ever seems to work out in reality the way we imagine it will…even in space.   Especially in space.

Anyway, sounds pretty fun to me.  If it has androids, chances are I’ll like it.  And if there’s one thing that Noise Narcs might like even more than Twin Peaks, it’s Mad Men.

Broken Bells, “The Ghost Inside”

Completely Tangential Update: Remember MTV’s Undressed? Yeah you do.  Turns out you can watch all six seasons for free online.  You’re welcome.  In the last four episodes of the first season, Hendricks stars as “Rhiannon,” a high-school senior staying with an older girlfriend in LA so she can visit college campuses (and get a head start on being free from her parents and their no-boys-allowed policies).

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Timber Timbre: Love in the Death-world

When Euridice dies, Orpheus descends into the underworld where he plays a love song begging the god of death to restore her back to life.  The song is so great and touching that for a few moments even Sysiphus takes a break to listen.  Hades is moved to consent under one condition: Orpheus is forbidden to look upon his beloved’s face until they’re all the way up and out.  Sounds easy, but at the last minute, Orpheus turns to check if she’s still following.  She was, but now he’s lost her forever.

Imagine that instead of returning home where a love-maddened mob of women jealously rip him limb from limb, the bereft Orpheus just stayed there, unable to move on, inside the mouth of the cave, neither dead nor fully living, playing rockabilly blues to a growing cult of dirt and worms.

It might sound a bit like Timber Timbre’s Timber Timbre (2009), which I’ve been obsessive-decomposingly listening to for the past week.  Taylor Kirk’s combination of old-timey American blues with eerie reverb, a ghostly chorus, and morbid lyrics makes this album sad without being saccharine and nostalgic without being dated.


Timber Timbre – Demon Host
Timber Timbre – Until The Night Is Over

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