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Tyga’s Chilly Raw Cheesteak

There are a lot of reasons to ignore Tyga’s “Really Raw,” from his forthcoming album Careless World. Some real clunkers of lines (which is more cringe-worthy? Tyga’s “Ever seen Piranha? It’s like the movie Jaws again” or Pharrell’s “Watching pornos on the iPad, thats really raw”). Snoop Dogg’s unnecessary presence. Even though he’s at his best, the reminder that The Game is still around. Tyga’s confusing “Chilly raw cheesesteak made up in Philly.” Inquiring minds want to know: which cheesesteak shop is selling raw cheesesteaks? My money’s on Geno’s.

But… Jesus. The way Tyga raps himself around the production. That detuned guitar. The horn hits. Pitchfork calls it “a cocktail bar cover of classic RZA, an almost cartoonish Cuban Linx tribute.” That sounds about right. Against all odds, the Neptunes are back, and they are, iPads or no, really raw.

Tyga, “Really Raw (ft. Pharrell, The Game, Snoop Dogg)” [Buy other Tyga tracks]

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Three reasons Noise Narcs Is Rooting for Green Bay

1. Big Ben
2. We’re pretty sure it was a Steelers fan who hacked our site this weekend because of our “laying a pillow down where we’re going to post a song” policy
3. Lil Wayne exploding all over Wiz Khalifa’s track: “I’m a Cheesehead, y’all n***** Cheez Wiz”

Let’s go Packs.

Lil Wayne, “Green And Yellow”

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That Asian Chick, What Was Her Name

In honor of David Lynch’s release on vinyl of his single “Good Day Today” (and our love of all things Lynch), Noise Narcs is posting on the music of, for, and about David Lynch this week. See our intro post (and claim of Lynch as a Philadelphian) here, and see the rest of the DLW posts here.

Given the luminously high quality of the David Lynch posts so far*, I figured it was about time for me to come in and lower Lynch Week’s overall average by at least 2.0 standard deviations.

I wanted to write something on Lynch’s use of popular music, but gave it up when I realized I’ve only seen Twin Peaks and about two and half Lynch films, and I didn’t feel like going on and on about obvious moments of genius like “In Dreams” and “Sixteen Reasons” alone. Even if they are, perhaps, two of the all-time greatest uses of early ’60s pop in entertainment history (“Mad Men,” eat your heart out).

No. Instead, I decided to post my friend Pete “Sugglife” Sugg’s 90-second “Twin Peaks” freestyle.  This was delivered at an after-the-wedding party on a back porch in Hood River, OR, and Sugglife, I promise you, had absolutely zero advance notice of his freestyle topic.  It doesn’t have MC Chris’s sweet Badalamenti sample, but it’s still a pretty awesome party trick. Enjoy:

Sugglife: Twin Peaks Freestyle from Matt Karp on Vimeo.

* Is there anything more insufferable than a group blog filled with posts praising the other group bloggers’ entries?  Dave, don’t feel bad, your latest concert review was also luminous.

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New Lupe Fiasco, without comment

Okay one comment: awesome.

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Fol Chen and Baths at Johnny Brenda's

Next Thursday, 8/5, Johnny Brenda’s will be hosting two interesting California acts fresh off of new releases.  Headlining will be the mysterious Fol Chen, who dropped their sophomore album, Part II: The New December at the beginning of this month and from what I’ve heard, it’s pretty crazy.  A sort of demented, disjointed pop that paints a picture of a parallel earth, a successful revolution with unexpected consequences.  Here’s a description from the press release:

The plot, steeped in a Bowie-esque sense of puckish melodrama, picks up with the malevolent John Shade vanquished. Unfortunately, the struggle alluded to in Part I has left Fol Chen’s world frayed – covered in ash, plagued by acid rain – and its population dazed. The members of Fol Chen, once a ragtag team of insurgents, are now bureaucrats forced to sit back and watch as the cipher they relied upon to defeat Shade mutates into a virus that eats words indiscriminately.

Watch this, you will like it, weirdos:

Fol Chen – The Holograms

Fol Chen | MySpace Music Videos

Pretty scary, yeah?  It’s tough to resist sharing at least one more track with you, but if you manage to get your hands on it (You can purchase Part II: The New December here), “Men, Beasts or Houses” comes with my seal of approval.  It’s dark and strange.

Opening for Fol Chen will be Baths, the latest project of 21 year old Will Weisenfield, that released a debut LP, Cerulean at the end of last month.

Baths, “Lovely Bloodflow”

You can buy Cerulean at Amazon.

Looks like tickets to the show are just $10 and are still available.

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1-Up: How I Got Over Joanna Newsom

The Roots, legendary as their crew continues to be, burned their brighest for me the summer after high school. Things Fall Apart was the soundtrack of (white suburban) graduation party after (white suburban) graduation party. But then in college, Roots Come Alive was played so frequently in my buddies’ cars that I came to wince in anticipation of the piercing sound of ?uestlove’s live kit. A lot has happened since then in OK Player-ville: complaining about not wanting to be a rap group for white fans, several uneven albums, and then shockingly and brilliantly taking the musical reins of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Joanna Newsom, however, has always played a steady role in my estimation: the agent of annoyance. Even when it came to this site’s 1-UP feature, she still fell short. Which is what makes this so tough because:

I love the new Roots album, How I Got Over. Total Top 10 of 2010 candidate. And worse: I love the collaboration with Joanna Newsom. It’s just good. Not so good that I’ll pick up the Joanna Newsom Boxset with Limited Edition Plastic Harp and Screeching Cat Accompanist, but good.

The Roots, “Right On (ft. Joanna Newsom and STS)”

Buy The Roots’ How I Got Over at Amazon

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Trademarked Philly Geography

13th and Morris, circa 1967

Philebrity did another Philly focused post yesterday, and it’s full of great stuff. But, given that Noise Narcs’ first post waxed on hip hop, Philadelphia, and the importance of “where you’re from,” I was naturally drawn to Trademark Experience’s “South Philly (You Got To Love It),” with its “13th and Morris” check-in chorus. A great summer jam about a place I love that compares West of Broad drugslingers as tectonic plates because they “move weight and start trouble”: win.

Trademark Experience, “South Philly (You Got to Love It)”

Plus, it gives me the opportunity to talk about how amazing PhillyHistory.org is. Run by the City Archives, it geo and date tags photographs from the city’s treasure trove. It makes finding historical pictures from a neighborhood unbelievably easy (and amazingly addictive). Its blog is also a must-read: a picture book for Philadelphia’s history, covering such topics as “Washington Avenue: A Representative Example of Philly’s Historical Past.” A treat for the nerdy urban historian in all of us. Honest as a promise.

Previously: Philebrity’s Lush Life

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Philebrity's lush life

Philly’s local tastemaker blog Philebrity is occasionally infuriating with its snark and local scene infighting, but brass tacks: I go to this website at least as much as any other on the web for its buzz on local news, music, and the rest.

And through the years, this has served me well: in 2006, they introduced me to Blood Feathers (now signed to Philebrity’s label), whose “Sea Legs” defined 2006-7 for me and who, in February, were simply the best and most impressive 50’s coverband for an Under the Sea fake prom I could imagine. And now I’m even better served; Philebrity’s introduced a new feature where they run down 10 local tracks. Lots of fantastic ish, and makes me very proud (undeservedly) and happy (doubly so) to be a Philadelphian. Although I have many new leads to follow, Lushlife‘s remix of Washed Out is my new spring jam: why wouldn’t hip hop come to shoegaze? And how could I not love anybody who promises to “rock hard” my bobo with an underbelly Bella Vista hood?

Washed Out, “Feel It All Around (Lushlife Remix)

And now, seriously, go check out all the tracks on Philebrity: intowners, so you’re in the know; outoftowners, so you’re in the envy.

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Tropical vacations with jj & Gucci

Philly boy Diplo’s remix of Gucci Mane’s “Dangers Not a Stranger” brings in Jason Waterfalls-esque piano to back up Gucci, taking the hardness of the original and sending it on a vacation. One can only assume to Jamaica. Also, Diplo may have just bought a strip club to go along with his mausoleum. So there’s that.

Gucci Mane, “Dangers not a Stranger” [via The Walrus]

Recently, jj released two very solid new tracks, “Let Go” and “My Way.” I was not blown away by last year’s jj n° 2, but these two tracks make me stoked for jj n° 3 (out March 9) even if “My Way” will never get cleared for release by Lil Wayne and Charles Manson. I’m lucky to be seeing them with fellow ee cummings fans The xx at the sanctuary of the First Unitarian in Philly on March 29 (unfortunately now sold out). Also, Pitchfork, shut up.
jj, “My Way”
jj, “Let Go” [via Stereogum]

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Mapping hip hop, this site, and Philadelphia

Hip hop makes no equivocation about the importance of place and origin. The importance of what city’s taking, making, creating or faking. North vs. South, East vs. West. Representing where you’re from and never forgetting.

So what happens when a rapper is from somewhere and nowhere? When he’s born in New Orleans then lives in Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, D.C., Denver, and Detroit?

Jay Electronica (up to this point best known for his indescribable beatless melding of rap and the soundtrack for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind answers with his beautiful “Scenario C,” mapping a geography of rap:

While you was debating who the truth was, like Jews and Christians
I was on Cecil B, Broad Street, Master
North Philly, South Philly, 23rd, Tasker
6 Mile, 8 Mile, Hardwell, Brasher

Flipping through Philly’s hip hop (and violence) hot points then detouring into Detroit, he constructs a narrative that underwrites the importance of place, then undermines it with a Walt Whit laundry list of places he encompasses. A man from everywhere and nowhere. And while he’s at it, he brings back the overprocessed soul of three years ago and makes it breathe. Can’t wait to see where he goes next.

And so, on this placeless note that includes the best Philly-streets-only lyric I’ve ever heard, I introduce this collaborative music blog and one of its features, “Where You’re From,” where contributors will brag about music from or about their fair cities. Enjoy, wherever you are.

Jay Eletronica, “Exhibit C”

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