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Upcoming Shows: Dandy Warhols w/ Hopewell, 11/7, Philly

Hopewell mound from Ohio

I was all excited, after Hopewell’s management asked us to write about their upcoming show with the Dandy Warhols this Sunday, to talk about the Native American Hopewell tradition. What a cool source for a band name, I thought. The Hopewell tradition spanned societies of the Eastern United States, from 200-500 CE, and was a sort of pax romana. A period of extensive trade throughout the area and, anthropologists suspect, significant peace. Plus, who doesn’t love the cool mysterious mounds the societies left behind?

Well, unfortunately for my desire to talk about 1500 year old Native American trading societies, Hopewell are from Hopewell Junction, NY, so the connection is… slightly less direct. Regardless (and shhh… don’t tell the indie rock police or they’ll take away all my Belle and Sebastian records), I do have a fondness for bombastic, psychadelic space rock. So Hopewell makes up for their name-tease. Filling space rock with the sounds of Jane’s Addiction (whom they cover on their new Hopewell Live: Volume 1). It certainly doesn’t hurt that on the downtempo songs lead singer Jason Russo has a definite Jason Lytle thing going on. And if you didn’t know Lytle’s work in Granddaddy, solo, or in last year’s Sparklehorse/Danger Mouse collaboration, then thanks to me you finally have an answer to the question: What’s your favorite song from the perspective of a broken machine?

Hopewell, “Of Course (Jane’s Addiction cover)” [Buy Hopewell Live Volume One]
Hopewell, “Synthetic Symphony” [Buy The Birds of Appetite]
Grandaddy, “I’m on Standby” [Buy Sumday]

Hopewell are opening for The Dandy Warholls on Sunday at the Electric Factory. The Dandys…. Well, I can’t say I listened to more than a track or two from their last two albums (with, um, good reason), but I still have a major crush on their hopelessly and wonderfully shallow take on bobo life in Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia, from (oh my God I’m old what happened to the past decade) 2000. Plus, their most recent release is a greatest hits, which gives me hope that The Dandys will hit mostly their heart of the material. Plus, if DiG! is any indication, Hopewell probably threw a party last night on a Hopewell mound, and the Dandys showed up the next morning for a photo shoot of a party they didn’t attend. I kid, I kid: I love me some Dandy Warhols.

Dandy Warhols, “Godless (Extended Outro) [Buy The Capitol Years: 1995-2007]

Dandy Warhols w/ Hopewell, Sunday, November 7th, 8PM, Electric Factory. Buy Tickets.

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